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Posted byPrateek Sharma 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Not disclosed
Product/Service DescriptionNOKIA 6060
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCustomer service staff 
Complaint Details

My NOKIA 6060’s ringer was not functioning. So I took time off & went to the nearest NOKIA "CARE" center! It is in Koramangala –KHB colony, Bangalore. It was CHAOTIC! It is underground, the fans and AC were switched off. I could not breathe! WORSE than a government office! After pushing myself through irate customers, I finally got to speak to a lady employee who could barely communicate with me. I was sure my work will be done soon since I was in the hands of NOKIA!! The "good" brand! I was made to wait and wait and I kept walking up and down to the service staff. But to my dismay, I was made to wait for 2.5 hours even before they could tell me what the problem is! Well, I was better off because I had people waiting for 6 HOURS just to get their phone’s security code reset! With me was a very irate customer who had paid a 4th visit and in spite of having written to NOKIA’s head of India-his work was not moving. His words were, "This Company is so beautiful in Finland and look at its state in India!"

So I went home and logged on to the Internet in order to file a complaint about the poor customer service-But the website has no such option or contact details! So I went back today, after a week, having found some time-to collect my repaired phone. The shutter of the centre was down at 4 pm itself!! They are supposed to be OPEN till 6pm. I forced my way in and when I showed my receipt to collect my phone, the customer service in charge tells me, "Sir, one man will come now, please give him this receipt." So i waited for this "man". Many men came from the service chamber (which had an opaque glass door so that the customers could not see what was happening inside) but everyone ignored me. Finally I tried to barge into the service room (after 20 mins of wait) and I was stopped by someone who offered to help me.

But he was soon caught up with another customer whose phone was under warranty and the “CARE” centre service personnel wanted him to pay for the repairs. When he argued, he was suppressed by the service in charge shouting, “This is just a franchisee centre ok? This is not NOKIA. We cannot do anything for you!” The poor illiterate man just walked away defeated.

My phone arrived and the staff member asked me to sign on the paper saying, "I have collected my phone, it works fine and I am satisfied with the service". But I asked him to show me that the ringer is fine now. He REFUSED! He was like I cannot do that-we do not have a battery (since mine was down and lying at home). So I told him that the service guy would know how to do it coz he is the one who repaired my phone and he must have checked the ringer. This man just walked away refusing to check it for me. I was irritated and I threatened to walk off without signing it when one staff member came up to help me. He got a battery and tested my ringer for me. I finally smiled! I thanked him and asked him for his name. His name is Anand.

So I signed, collected my phone and went up to the previous rude man and told him, "Thanks, I finally got to check my phone before delivery! How did this gentleman help me when you refused?! Are you not customer service people? Should you not help a customer?" He rudely stared at me and replied, "No, I am not a customer service guy! And I will not help you. Take your phone and go!". At this point I wanted to bash his face, but then who was I fighting against? Am I upset with NOKIA or this man who is just not trained to service people! Who hired him? Who evaluated the service center’s running anyways? Did NOKIA really "CARE"? I doubt it. I walked away thanking Anand and banged the door as hard as I could. Because I didn’t really care! I just hope my phone does not go bad again because I dread the chaotic NOKIA CARE service center! I just came from the dealer who sold the phone to me. I asked him to furnish me with NOKIA’s sales manager’s number or e-mail ID so that I could lodge a complaint. He said he did not have any. I asked him if he could get it for me from the NOKIA “Care” center by calling them, he smiled and replied, “Sir, you keep trying! They just will not respond!” This is called FAITH! I laugh!

Today almost everyone has a cell-phone. But do these companies understand HOW they will service such huge quantities? Do companies really care about us customers after selling their products to us? It doesn’t seem so! NOKIA was a brand of style, care, customer friendliness and innovation to me. But my post-purchase experience has turned the table!

I don’t know how to tell NOKIA my story so that more customers are not harassed and treated like dirt! Bye NOKIA.

Solution of your complaintThe service rooms must be transparent so that there is accountability. NOKIA must have a weblink for customer complaints. Training should be provided to the staff at the s called "CARE" center. 
ActionCustomers will one day get together and smash the office! What else? The brand equity will fade for sure! 
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