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Posted byPrasun Kanti Chaudhury 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionAirtel Data Card
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeNodal Officer, Customer Desk 
Complaint Details

Below is a copy of the mail which I sent to the Nodal officer, Karnataka, Airtel which describes in detail about the type of my complaint. Also I did not get any response to that mail and neither my problem has been rectified. Out of sheer disgust I have got my connection closed and I have an acknowledged copy of the application letter for closing the connection. The problem now is there is around Rs 2300 outstanding against the data card connection in form of Monthly Rental plus Tax which I refused to pay as Airtel has not rendered any service as was promised to me at the time of purchase. The customer service guys are now harassing me with respect to the outstanding amount.

I am not sure whether you are the right person to answer all my queries below but I am writing this mail as I was told so at Airtelís Bannerghatta Office.

I am writing this mail to you out of sheer disgust at the type of service Airtel has rendered me for the Data card which I purchased. Itís almost now two months I have taken this data card connection and since then itís been a headache for me. I have registered so many complaints for the poor Data card service provided to me by Airtel but it seems like all complaints have either fallen on deaf ears or it was not rectified to the level promised to me at the time of purchase. I was told that I would be getting a minimum speed to 40 Ė 60 kbps but the speed I am getting is nowhere near to that. It almost takes around 10 minutes to open a single page and if I intend to download a file then I dare not do that because of the so called speed. Even one of Airtelís technical service guy from Ericsson came down to my residence and noted some readings and went back with the promise that the service would be rectified in terms of speed but that also did not happen. Itís once again the same old story as mentioned above. To add to that Airtel even went to the extent of barring my services based on Address Proof. But I took this connection based on my existing Post paid connection and I was told that I need not provide any additional documents and verifications (which was actually the reason for availing your data card service). It was only when I personally went down to Airtelís Bannerghatta Office and that too wasting around 3 hours of my valuable office time that now the number has been activated. But can you clarify me who is responsible for this, where in one hand Airtel claims that it has verified my Post paid address and in the other it says my data card address is not verified when both the addresses are one and the same?? Further because of miscommunication between Airtelís Customer desk and the people sitting at the Bannerghatta lobby I again had to waste my time in going to Bannerghatta Office one fine Sunday, as I was told that I would find some Manager over there, to realize the other way round. Can you tell me who is responsible for this??

The output of all the exercises mentioned above is nothing but no speed for which this service is of no use to me.

What I personally feel is that this problem wonít get rectified (itís almost two months now) and even if Airtel claims that they would rectify I am not willing to wait any longer and further waste my time, money and energy.

But I am seriously concerned about my hard earned five thousand rupees which I shelled out to purchase Airtelís data card. I did not purchase that just for the sake of it. I purchased it with the intent that Airtel promised me ďAnytime Anywhere ConnectivityĒ and a minimum speed of 40- 60 kbps. Can you tell me who is accountable for this??

Further Airtel has been very quick at sending monthly bills but I fail to understand for what service I pay those bills. Is it a bill for no-service rendered to me?? Or is it a bill for me running from one office of Airtel to another or wasting every time 30 minutes in order to register a complaint at Airtelís customer desk??

Whatever is the reason for Airtelís so called service, I am totally fed up with that and have no hope and hence I would like to know specifically whether I would be refunded of my five thousand rupees for the Data card because I did not purchase that to be kept as a show piece. There was some specific intent behind that purchase.

It would be great if I get answers to my queries mentioned above or at least to the query highlighted in bold above.


Solution of your complaintAt least waiving off the outstanding amount since I purchased the Data Card for Rs. 5000 not to be kept as a show piece 
ActionContemplating of filing a case in the consumer court 
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