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Posted byPrakash Chowath 
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Complaint Details

Given below are details of the mails that I have sent to AIRTEL, without a single response from them till now. Initially to their NODAL OFFICER, and not receiving any response, then to their Appellate Office, without luck. They just did not care to respond. My first mail to them was on 2nd August 2007. Hope that you can assist.

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 11:28:10 +0530

Dear Sir/Ms,

Pls see below. Ten working days are over ( as per your website responses are given within this period), and I have not received any response from your end. Nor have I received any communication from your end in any format.

Are you looking into this matter or not ??????????


Prakash Chowath

> Subject: Mobile No: 9892599001
> Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 10:19:37 +0530
> To:

> The Nodal Officer,
> Mumbai.
> Dear Sir/Ms,
> I am an Airtel user for the past nearly 4 years, my no. is 9892599001 and have had some very bad experience once again, this time in Bangalore.
> Arrived in Bangalore on 29th at 8.00AM, got a welcome message from Airtel, but could not make any outgoing calls. Could receive incoming calls as well as receive and send messages. Tried to call both 121 & 9892012345 & 9890012345, with & without 0, but could not get through. Over the next 3 days, kept on sending messages to Airtel Customer Service ( DOES IT EXIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) without any positive result. I would get a response, saying the matter would be resolved within 24 hrs, then within the next 30 minutes get another message with a reference number, saying hope that the matter is resolved to my satisfaction. This circus continued until yesterday. At no time was I able to speak to any Customer Service Executive over the phone, as your so-called service numbers were not functioning.
> When I called 9892012345, both with and without (0), either from a landline or from another mobile, it would not be reachable OR, if it ramg, the AVR would give 3 options. I tried all the 3 options, but then after some time, the AVR would say both in English & Hindi, that the number is incorrect. This sorry state of affairs continued on the 29th, 30th as well as the 31st from Bangalore.
> On the 31st, I went to the Airtel Office, NandDurga Rd Branch in Bangalore, where I explained the problems to them. They were unable to sort out the problem, only confirming that this problem has been reported by many others in the past, and was being reported by many Airtel clients who have come in from other parts of the country, and that it is an ongoing problem. The Airtel Executive Mr. A.J. Bosco was courteous enough and tried his level best to look into the issue, and after checking with other technical staff there, said that the SIM card may have to be changed.
> While I was there, also looked into the Complaint book which was kept at the counter, and reading it points to a very sorry state of affairs at AIRTEL-Bangalore. All these 3 days, I could not make any outgoing calls.
> Arrived back in Mumbai at midnight on the 31st, and could immediately make outgoing calls. Went to the Airtel office at Mindspace, Malad on the 1st of August, spoke to your personnel who were courteous enough to listen to the issue, and the SIM card was replaced.
> Have a few questions for which I would like a positive feedback.
> 1. Why do you have a Customer Service No. 09892012345, as well as 09890012345, both of which are unreachable by other phones ?????????????
> 2. What do you expect a client to do, when the calls cannot be made, and no person is reachable, and the AVR is useless ??????????????????????????
> I was unable to make calls when i was in Bangalore. But before leaving Mumbai & after arriving in Mumbai, was able to do so without any problems.
> 3. When Airtel is aware of an existing problem since a long time, why is it not being rectified, within a reasonable time period. I understood during my long interaction at your Mindspace office, that you have been having problems with this customer service number for a long long time, & your servers are being rectified/replacfed ???????????
> 4. Why do I keep getting messages, asking if my problem is solved, when nothing has been done from your end. Have received more than 15 of these messages. Some reference numbers given by AIRTEL are 498276795, 497325480, 497325483 etc ?????????????
> 5. Why is it so difficult to reach A PERSON, rather than an AVR to sort out the problem ??????????
> 6. Last but not least, why do we always have to wait for a long time, at least 30 minutes at the minimum whenever we go to any Airtel Customer service outlet. The situation has not changed at Mindspace, in the last 3 years that i have visited it, and the same was the situation in Bangalore.
> When I reached the Airtel office in Bangalore at Nandurga, at around 10.05 am on the 31st, of the 3 counters, one person was at the counter, the 2nd was standing outside the office making calls on the mobile, and the manager was in her cabin. Later after 10 minutes had to go to the Manager`s cabin and ask for someone to attend to my problem, when the personnel came.
> Yesterday, when I came to the Mindspace office, got the token @ 10.06, but was attended to around 10.35, as there were only 2 executives, one each for post paid & pre-paid. Airtel personnel may have all the time in the world, but I am sure that most of your clients do not have time to be wasted.
> Hope that you can give a reasonable & responsible answer to the above. Request you to refrain from giving the standard boiler plate responses, that you are looking into the matter.
> Regards,
> Prakash Chowath


Solution of your complaintAIRTEL has to provide an answer to the queries raised in my mail, without waffling or giving the standard boiler plate responses. 
ActionFurther appropriate action as required, as suggested by my Solicitor. 
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