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Karnataka Milk Federation

Posted byJawahar Abraham 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Karnataka Milk Federation
Product/Service DescriptionMilk
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Reason for ComplaintPrice 
Complaint Rating8(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMarketing Manager-BV Sathyanarayan 
Complaint Details

The correspondance wth KMF is self expenatory

Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your kind notice that the milk vendors in both Wilson Garden and Shanthi Nagar area are selling milk at one rupee(Re1/-) above the MRP marked on the sachet these are your dealers and not your outlets.this is illegal and we request you to take action such that this practice is stopped immediately.
Also the curd sold at you counters are not fresh as is available with your dealers????

1 litre milk sold at Rs15/- 1/2 litre curd sold at Rs 9/-

Thanking you,


Since I last wrote there is no change in the prices and we still paying Re 1/-than the MRP.
----- Original Message -----
From: jawahar ruby
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 8:44 AM
Subject: Resellers not selling at the MRP price

This is to bring to your notice that the resellers of your milk and curds at Wilson Gardens are selling one litre milk at Re One extra.That is the price the consumer pays is 15/- as agianst 14/- maked on the pouch.Same with the curd 1/2 litre is sold at 9/- agianst 8/-.
Please take necessary action from your end to curb this practice as it is illegal and agianst the law.
The curd sold at your Wilson Garden out let is not fresh from the dairy as avialable at the resellers shop its quite surprising!!!!!!!!!

Jawahar Abraham

This has reference to your email dated 21.9.07 to kmf. We would like to get the land marks to identify the dealer/retailer. Please give the identification and exact location of the dealers whom you are referring. This is just because there are 8 dealers in Wilson Garden and 6 in Shanthi nagar.


BV Sathyanarayan

I am a bit surprised by your email.I thought that you would investigate this matter rather than the customer who complained go around collecting this information for you.
The least you can do is to display a board at all your dealers prominently stating that customers should not take pay more than the price indicated on the packet.
You could also send one of your officers in mufti and see for your self.



Solution of your complaintProcastination ?Make the consumer run around doing thier JOB. 
ActionTake it with the media and expose this bad practice 
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