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Posted byMs Geeta R Nair 
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Product/Service DescriptionNOKIA 6080, Invoice no. 1032, IMEI no. 356258012907766
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintUsability 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeNokia Care personnel at Ahmedabad, Gurgaon 
Complaint Details

1. At the time of taking delivery the vendor after opening the box demonstrated various features of the mobile phone ( without inserting any active SIM card), which appeared to be functioning normally. Later on I purchased a SIM card pertaining to BSNL which became active with effect from 9.9.2007. After inserting the SIM card, at the time of receiving calls, the phone started giving problem. While talking on the phone the keys 6,5 and 4 get automatically pressed even without touching them, and as soon as such numbers appear few times (3-4) on the screen, the call gets disconnected.

2. This problem was immediately brought to the notice of the vendor. According to him the software of the phone needed some updation. The phone was returned to us on 10.9.2007, night, with an assurance that the problem was rectified. However, it was noticed that the problem persisted. We approached him again on 11.9.2007, he directed us to take the phone to the Nokia Care situated at Ashram Road.

3. At Nokia Care centre we were told that this sort of problem was prevalent in the Nokia 6080 model. He diagnosed it as software problem and carried out necessary software updataion. However, the problem was persistent. Then the key-pad filter was replaced.

4. The problem was still there, we again approached the vendor on the 11.9.2007, itself. He assured that he would take it to another Nokia Care at (Herry Communication), Premchandnagar Road, Ahmedabad, and get it rectified. After 5 days we were told that the problem has been rectified and returned the phone back to us on 17.9.2007.

5. After getting back the mobile we tried using it with different SIM cards and by different persons but found that the problem remained in all the situations. The phone was again returned to the vendor on 27/9/2007 who in turn submitted it to the Nokia Care center again. A Job-sheet number : 01843403807092657 was alloted to us. We also lodged a complaint telephonically at the Nokia Centre, Gurgaon; we were assigned the Complaint number : 2-2H96IJ. We were assured that the complaint would be resolved within 48 hours and the status would be displayed on the Nokia web-site. When we did not get any response even after 72 hours first, we tried to checkup from the website, there was no status update, then we contacted Gurgaon, we were told as the status was not updated on the net they would not be of any help. We were again asked to contact the local Nokia care.

6. The phone was returned back to us on 30/9/2007, but on using it we found that the problem had yet not been solved. On contacting the Nokia Care (Herry Communications), we are receiving evasive replies.


Solution of your complaintEither the problem is totally rectified with a certificate from Nokia that the phone is totally error-free, or replacement of the phone with a new phone of same or similar model. 
ActionSeek legal help from Consumer Forum. 
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