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Carson Toyota

Posted byLinda Hollis 
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Carson Toyota
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Product/Service Descriptionextended warranty on a used automobile
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
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Complaint Details

We purchase a used 2002 Chrysler PT Crusier Limited and purchase the extended warranty to cover any repairs that might be needed in the future. The car had 23000 miles on it. We had assumed that Carson Toyota would be doing the repair themselves. The car stopped running and we were told to take it to Japanese Automotive repair. We had AAA take the car to Dan Schrier at that company on 09/30/05. On Wed. Oct 05/05 late in the afternoon they installed the rebuilt transmission in our car. My husband picked the car up arount 5 pm that afternoon. I drove my car home. I did not follow him. Almost immediately after entering our home I got a call on my cell from my husband telling me that he is on the freeway at the offramp to our home and beloved his car is on fire. He was not aware and continued to drive until a lady motioned him that flames were coming out from under the car. To make a long story short the car was totaled. The shop had a tow truck pick up the car and take it back to them. We took pictures and you can see a line of fluid leading up to the car where it stopped. No lights came on there was no warring what so ever. The car engine was running fine until it burned up. Japanese Auto did pay for a rental car for a few days until I told them we needed to go out of town and needed to take the rental. We were due to leave on Friday and on Thursday we were told we had to return the rental as they felt they were not responsible for our car being destroyed.Carson Toyota took no responsibility for sending us to a shop we knew nothing about. I feel they should have done something as our contract was with Carson Toyota not Japanese Auto Center.  

Solution of your complaintI feel they should pay for the car or someone should pay for the stress and considerable trouble we have had to go through. We had to put another down payment on another car. We had trouble getting the new one financed due to have the other loan outstanding on the totaled car. It has taken a month and finally our own insurnace co. AAA is having to pay for the car. Thank God we have GAP ins or we would be in a world of trouble as the value of the car is several thousand dollars below what we owe. 
ActionI will sue all three of them. Carson Toyota, Japanese Auto and their insurance co. Underwritters. I have alread filed a complaint against the insureance co with the insurance commissioner. I have filed a complaint with the BBB agains the auto shop and am going to file another one against Carson Toyota. 
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