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Dish Network

Posted byRochelle Loose 
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Dish Network
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Product/Service DescriptionDish Network Installation and Customer Service
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Details

This is one long complaint so get ready! First of all I ordered the dish in the beginning of July. The guy came out to install it and said he would have to put it on a temporary stand until her could come back and put in a permanant post to put it on. He said he would be out in the next week to finish putting the permanant post in. Weeks go by and he doesnt show up. I call 3 to 4 times to "remind" him and they keep saying he will get out there soon. Then my dish stops working! I get no signal. So I call and tell them and they say the problem is probably because its still on the temporary stand! So the dish quit working cuz the guy never came out and finished his job! So then I make an appointment for four days later for the same guy to come fix it. He was supposed to be there between 8am and noon. Noon rolls around and no one shows. So I call and they tell me he should be to my house by 5 and if not to call back. Five rolls around and he still never showed up. So I call back and am put on hold for 30 minutes. By the time I get through the dispatcher is gone and there is no way to get a hold of the guy. So not only did I sit at home all day waiting for this jerk but then he never showed up to fix the problem that he basically caused in the first place by not finishing his job! The next day I get a call from the dispatcher saying the next time someone is available to come out is in two weeks! I told them to have someone out there by 8am the next morning or I was canceling! Someone was there at noon the next day but all the guy did was fix the signal but still never put the permanent post in!!!! 5 days later he got the post in but never put the dish on the post. Instead he left me a note telling me to give him a call when I would be home so he could put the dish on the post. So I call him 3 different times giving him multiple days that work good for me for him to come out...and he never calls back! Not only do I have a job and other responsibilities but now supposidly its my job to check up on this guy and keep reminding him to come finish his job! It is now October...over 2 months later and the dish still is not on the permanent post like it was supposed to be a week after installation in July!!!! Now today I get a message saying to connect my reciver to a phone line and keep it connected or I will be getting charged $5 dollars a month!!!!!!!! This is news to me..supposidly it says it in the contract but Ive read it over and over and never seen anything in there. When I call customer service about this not only were they extremely rude but they were unwilling to help solve the problem. Dish Network is charging me $5 a month because I dont have a landline to plug my stupid reciever into!!!!! But people who do have a phone line and plug it in there only get charged $5 once! Does this make sense? I am soooo frustrated! I would cancel service but am scared of the kinds of headaches I would have trying to cancel and getting the dish off my yard!!!!!!!! 

Solution of your complaintThey need waaay better customer service and need to do their jobs! 
Actioncancel service 
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