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Bajaj Auto Ltd, Bajaj Pulsar Dealer - Mayur Auto, Dehradun

Posted byManeesh Raina 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Bajaj Auto Ltd, Bajaj Pulsar Dealer - Mayur Auto, Dehradun
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionPulsar 220 CC DTS-Fi Mobike
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintQuality 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeBajaj Auto Service Manager 
Complaint Details

Dear Sir,

I recently bought a black Bajaj Pulsar 220CC mobike. Though I am a bike enthusiast and very proud of the bike, I am facing a major problem with the bike which despite my repeated reminders is not being addressed by the local dealer.

When i first bought the bike about 1 month ago I noticed that the low beam was misaligned towards the left. When i bought this to the notice of the dealer i was told that the problem would be addressed on the first servicing. On the first servicing the mechanic attending to my bike did some adjustements and gave me the bike in the evening. When i checked the alignment in the night it was further spoilt. I took the bike to the dealer the next day and was told to meet the techinical engineer uttaranchal region who had come from bajaj auto. The gentleman checked my bike and confirmed that there was a manufacturing defect and the front light panel be changed. I was told to leave my bike for the day and collect it in the evening. when i arrived in the evening i was handed over my bike without giving me a proper checkup as I was told that due to sunlight they cannot show me the alignment, but it is now correct. To my utter surprise that night when i checked the headlights i noticed that although the low beam was corrected, but now the high beam was misaligned and was falling just 4 feet from the front tyre rather that giving a higher lighting angle. I again took the bike to the dealer and this time left the bike for 2 days to be thoroughly checked and corrected. when i got my bike after two days i noticed that nothing had been done regarding the alighment of the high beam, and i was very arrogantly informed that they cant do anything more about it, and i have to compromise with the fault in the high beam alignment. You can imagine my frustation and apathy, that after buying one of the most premium bike on Indian roads, this
is the kind of treatment I get for a genuine complaint and a manufacturing defect. It seems to me that either the mechanic handling my bike is not trained for pulsar 220CC or he himself and people at bajaj auto are not bothered for my problem. Bajaj proudly boasts of the technology used in the headlights of pulsar 220CC. It is one of the main highlights of the bike and it is having a major fault in my bike. The question is why should i compromise with a faulty product on a new bike? The highbeam is falling so short that it is causing a distraction to me while driving and can even cause accident to me on a dark road. I have
visited the dealer many times but they are not doing anything about my problem.
it is also important to note that each time i took my bike for this problem no job card or entry card was made for it. I fail to understand why no entry was made for it.
You are requested to kindly get my complaint addressed immediately at Bajaj Auto Ltd. and get my headlight assembly replaced with a correct one that has both high beam and low beam working correctly and perfectly aligned. I am facing a lot of problem due to this defect in my bike and need a immediate remedy. There are some customers who buy a bike and are not bothered about how it is maintained or how it performs. But customers like me are very conscious about the performance and delivery of their bikes and need nothing less than perfection from their bike. That is the reason I opted for buying this bike because i had faith that this would definitely be the best bike on Indian roads. Bajaj has designed and developed a beautiful machine called pulsar 220, but if this is the kind of after sales support it is going to give to its customers, it will fail badly in its venture.
The name of my dealer is Mayur Auto in Dehradun. My details are
Name: Maneesh Raina
Address: E-23, Sector 4, Defence Colony, Dehradun
Mob: 9897909999

Waiting for a quick response/remedy from you.
Thanking you
yours truly
Maneesh Raina

Solution of your complaintReplacement of my complete headlamp assembly with a perfect one by a trained technician 
ActionGo to the highest authorities to claim damages against providing faulty products and not giving proper after sales service 
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