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Lilalavati Hospital

Posted byPawan Virk 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Lilalavati Hospital
Product/Service DescriptionOver charging the patient on pretext of major surgery and siding the doctor of his wrong doing.
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Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeDr.H.L.Chulani 
Complaint Details

my father was admitted to your good hospital on 4th oct. under Dr. bharat shah. On examination he was diagnosed with UTI.Informatively a catheter was introduced into my father in a private nursing home in mumbai suburbs on 30th sept. Dr. bharat shah asked us if we had any preferences for a urologist. Since we did not have any preferences Dr. ajit vaze was referred by Dr. bharat shah. On the subsequent day Dr. vaze paid a visit to my father and informed us that my father had a uti infection and a minor procedure had to be followed to
remove the sticture. My father was operated by Dr. ajit vaze on 8th oct. On 9th oct. self was informed that a total bill of around 2,00,000/- had to be deposited for the above mentioned procedure. On hearing such a huge and unreasonable ammount self contacted Dr. vaze who advised self that he is not awareof the hospital charges and he has no personal fee of his own. further he added that the medical facilites in india are very cheap and since he is an authorised medical practitioner in dubai he charges usd 10,000/- for the same procedure.
above all is for your information.
Self asked following question to the hospital:
1. isnt it the duty of the doctor to advise the family of the grade of surgery prior to the same.
how is the grading done ?
Also advised the hospital that self believe and have come to know from other various doctors from other reputed hospitalsin the city and also from doctors associated with the same
good hospital that there has surely been some mistake in the calculation / billing.

Also that my fahter was not visited by dr. vaze till 20:00hrs. on 9th oct
whereas he was operated on 8th oct. That is after 30 Hrs.  

Solution of your complaintSince Doctor cannot be challeged for the operations/procedures they do, Dr.Vaze and gang use this to advantage and exploit people. Hospital to take initiative to this problem. Most people go to reputed hospitals with a belief of good treatment and less haresment, but land up with just the opposite. Some one has to be accountable and not leave the paitient in the hand of such butcher (Ashamed to call them Doctor) 
ActionEducate people of Dr.Vaze and his gang and his vehicle called Lilavati. Go to cunsumer court and also to every type of media self can. 
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