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Product/Service Descriptionmotorola a 1200
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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service centre: Redington Green Park
work order no. 14107

my motorola handset was submitted for repairs as the touch screen had been faulty within the warranty period. the screen was replaced free of cost within 10 days. on recieving the handset back the instrument after switching off did not switch on thereafter. on resubmitting the handset it was informed that the side keys are faulty (which were completely operational before the screen was replaced ) ...

the resubmission of the handset at the service centre was done on 30.08.2007 and thereafter i am hearing only false promises of delivery on mondays and thursdays. after 45 days and numerous inquiries, i was informed that the part has been dispatched from the chennai subdivision and will be delivered in two days time ... the total replacement would take 10 minutes and hence would ensure the delivery.

i am still wondering which part of the world the parcel has gone or what mode of transportation is employed to deliver, there is no sight of the part being delivered to delhi subdivision. the concerned person takes the pain to aimlessly provide customer satisfaction but i need the phone more than reassurance.

Solution of your complaintapparently the problem lies either in lethargy of the service centre to repair or the motorola division being least bothered about customer satisfaction. one part even if ordered on internet/phone would take precisely two days to be delivered on the doorstep, 50 days have passed. on an interim basis i should be provided with a new/used cellphone with same functionality until my handset is repaired or the part be simply taken out of the new handset and repairs should be effected. whenever the part arrives by the grace of god, it shall be replaced in the new handset. 
Actioni would request a service report with clear explanations of the delays, with the names of the persons involved and take up the matter with media. it is no less than harassment where i have trusted a brand for the services and in return my phone has spent more time in the service centre than it should have spent with me. i hope quality standards is one word which atleast somebody in MOTOROLA understands, not apparently evident otherwise. 
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