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reliance communications

Posted bytripti mehta 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
reliance communications
Product/Service Descriptionreliance data card ,,,,USB modem ( internet connection)
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeAnu and shekhar an excellent desk representatives of the company,,, the company should be proud of them,,,, 
Complaint Details

i had got an offr on purchase of a compaq hp note book presario V6000, i would be getting 2 monthes unlimited usage of reliance data card, on the payment of Rs 3300/-. i took the connection on the 10th of august 2007. the offer was valid upto 10 of october 2007. during that period many times my net was deactivated sayingg that i had to pay a certain amout to get it activated again. i approached the relience world and then it was activated . this process continued several times ,(the deactivation and activation ). finally at the end of the 2nd month , it stabilised . but thatsnt enough . 11the of october i had put up the request to put me on to the rental Rs 400/- with night freedom, as my duration of 2 months unlimited ussage was over. now every day i get a mesage saying that i have to pay the sum of rs 10270/- to resume the out going services. every day i get one sms saying that pay that amount and then my outgoing services will be activated . eversince i have taken this connection , i could not use the services at peace , half of the time , i was not able to use the services du to the nuissance of interferrance by the systems which are not updated about the bundle offers. now when will this problem going to resolve ,why cant there be some permanent solutions to this . when i have not used the net otherwise why is this harresment.
when i go to th reliance world the account shows no balance secondly , the bills that i have recieved also show zero payments then why this problem is occuring . the workers are trying their best , they poor think keep activating my account every day , and the vry next day it gets deactivated again. i do not have to pay anything towards the services , then why this problen not getting resolved , is reliance so in efficient , that inspite of paying they are not able to provide their customers with good servive at least decent one.
it is requested that this problem should be looked into seriously and some solution is worked out on the permanent basis . i took the connection from KALBA DEVI branch near metro theatre on the 10th of august 2007. i have the bills as the proof.........
bill no:35055296250........billing account no: 2325296250.. bill period 10-8-2007 to 21-8-2007
and the 2nd bill date is 22-09-2007 billperiod : 22-08-2007 to 21-09-2007 and the 3rd billl i will recieve on the 22-10-2007 . just to remind you my 2th month of bundle offer gets over on the 10 th of october 2007.
number : 9324014622
i hope that the problem will be looked into seriously
thanking you in anticepation
tripti mehta
9867205665{ in case the customer care intends to speak to me )
best time you can reach me is 9 am to 11am and 6pm to 10 pm

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