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Posted bySandeep Doshi 
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Product/Service DescriptionReliance broadband - Night Unlimited plan
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMary Ohol 
Complaint Details


I am having a reliance postpaid broadband connection in the name of Mr. Niranjan J Doshi. I am having the "Night Unlimited" plan.
My account no is: 100102803804,
Billing account no is: 100000103077219
User ID is: 313439748606

I have a very long outstanding complaint since the bill of July 2007 which is still not resolved after a long patient wait of more than 3 months.
I am having a night unlimited plan which means that I can surf the net from 22:00 to 08:00 without any charges.
For the period of 08:00 to 22:00 ( i.e. in the daytime), the surfing charges are 50 paise per minute.

On 24-06-2007, I started using the broadband connection at 21:57:59 and I used it for 129 min and 22 seconds.
Which means that I used the service for around 3 minutes in the charged timeslot ( from 21:57 to 22:00 ) and for approx 126 minutes in the free timeslot ( since I have a night unlimited plan, 22:00 to 08:00 is free timeslot )
So, I should be charged for 3 minutes x 50 ps/min = Rs.1.50
Instead, I have been charged for Rs.65/-

On receiving the bill for July, I have called to register atleast 10 complaints at the customer care call center. The complaints that were registered have the following complaint nos: 52908712, 53161494, 53255367, 53328154, 53569153. Rest of the times, surprisingly the customer care denied to register any complaint. All the above complaints were closed with a remark on the lines of " Customer has been called and explained that the billing is correct and no charges have been waived off". But to my shock, till today, I have not received a single call from reliance customer call or reliance billing department. I have talked to team leaders Ajay and supervisor Amrita who agree that I have been billed wrongly but still no action was taken from the billing department. Customer service executives, Manisha, Tejaswini talked in a very threatening tone and abused me and my father on the telephone asking us to pay the bill amount immediately.

After getting tired of calling at customer care, I personally visited the reliance office in pune next to Taj Blue Diamond Hotel. There, I met Ms Mary Ohol who assured me that the problem will be resolved and the wrong charges will be waived off. Please go through my mail below which I had sent to Mary Ohol explaining my problem in detail. She assured me that within 4 working days, everything will be sorted out and she would call me back.
As discussed with her, I did not pay the bill and was supposed to pay the bill once the issue is sorted out.
But till date, Ms Mary Ohol has never called me a single time. I have kept calling her atleast once/twice a week till date. 80% of the times she is not available on the phone and rest of the times she has given me false promises that the matter has been resolved and the next bill will reflect the waiver and the issue will be closed.

I also mailed to Ms Sudha vutukuru and to the nodal officer ( but I did not get any response from them.

After tremendous amount of follow-up, yesterday Ms. Mary Ohol told me that the reliance billing system works such that if a customer has free internet surfing from 10pm to 8am in his billing plan and if he starts surfing the internet anytime before 10pm, then he should logout of the system before 10pm and then login again at 10pm. Failing to do this, the customer will be charged for the entire period till he logs out according to the day-time charges, even if he is surfing in the free time-slot.
For eg: If I surf from 9 pm to 11 pm, then I will be charged for 2 hours of internet surfing even if surfing after 10pm is free.

Also, when I asked her what will be the billing charges if I start surfing the internet from 7am and surf till 9am ( with free surfing timing being 10pm to 8am ). To this, they reply that I will be charged for surfing from 8am to 9 am !!!!

The icing on the cake was when I asked where such a rule is documented on the reliance website or on the documents given to the customer. The reply that I got was that not all things are written in black and white !!!! Does this mean that reliance works on rules and policies that are not even documented anywhere and implements whatever comes to the mind of any employee with some kind of authority ???

Tired of the elongated wait and worried because the threatening calls from the billing department, I paid the pending bills subtracting the wrongly charged amount and the late fees.

Every month Rs.25/- is being added to my bill as "late fees" and now the difference amount of Rs.65/- has gone upto Rs. 110/-

Sandeep Doshi
Ph: 9890658676 

Solution of your complaintTo change such a meaningless billing rule, expecting the customer to logout and login again at 10pm as a workaround of its illogical billing system. Reliance should change this policy and wave off the extra charges levied upon me as this particular rule is nowhere documented by Reliance. The customer is asked to pay a price for something which reliance has not published anywhere  
ActionGo to consumer court 
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