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icici bank

Posted bysheikh shahida umer 
Organization / Product Details
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icici bank
Product/Service Descriptioncredit card
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeeicici customer care employee 
Complaint Details


I have applied for the ICICI Credit card in the last month and it has been completed 2 months now. in between when i called customer service i heard that it has been rejected without any kind of verification.and the matter of embracement is that after that news the Bank people came for my house and office verification and again after that they called me to my house and office too,in all these cases i was available for them and produced them the required details. Today (nov 2nd 2007) I came to know from ICICI customer care that my application has been declined already by oct 14th.but surprisingly all the verification was done after the decline. I asked for the reason but they couldn’t tell any reason stating that as per our company policies we can not disclose reason to the applicant. Am very much frustrated with this answer.
i, sheikh shahida umer ; account no :032001501441; mahim branch ,mumbai-400016 ; am an ICICI saving account holder from last 2 years, and am sure that i have maintained my account very well,with large transactions and proper pays as i am a business woman,[u may check it out]. Here you have to remember one thing is that I have not applied for this credit card by my own.I got phone call from mahim branch with appreciation on my transaction and they have send their agent to me and taken my application.
And before rejecting any thing you people have to call me to my mobile no.( as already with you). Even you did not intimate any thing and rejected my application. This shows how much importance you are giving to the account holders?

Note : You people are rejecting so many applications with out doing proper verification by the out sourcing guys, remember here these all applications are came to u by doing so many phone calls from your customer care centers. So when ever your employees are struggling this much to get one application by doing so many phone calls you people should take much more care on verification and before rejecting any application you should call the candidate and tell him that so and so things are not correct so am rejecting your application. So be conscious with the customers.

A/C no:032001501441

Solution of your complaintto re verify my credit card details and provide me the same if i am elligible ,or else atleast show the kindness to inform me on what basis or reason am i rejected an icici credit cardM 
Actionat present i am not going to take any action.i decide to wait patiently till i get a reply for this mail. 
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