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Kieth Pierson Toyota

Posted byNathan Terrill 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Kieth Pierson Toyota
Product/Service Description2005 Ford Mustang GT
Warranty StatusDo not know.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeDennis Justise 
Complaint Details

I purchased a 2005 Ford Mustang with low miles from these thieves. In a nutshell, they changed some paperwork around and the car went from a 25k price to 30k. The initial asking price on this car was a whopping 32,900 dollars which was more than the vehicle cost new.

Almost a year to the day, I decide to trade the car on a Pontiac Solstice and am offered an extremely low trade in value due to the vehicle HAVING BEEN WRECKED. Of course, the Car Fax is clean, but on further research the car was bought at auction as a FRAME DAMAGED vehicle in Georgia and then brought into Florida to be sold. I was told this was an undamaged vehicle that had never been wrecked.

The dealership is giving me the run around and telling me "We didnt know" or "We dont believe it has been wrecked", even though I have the information in black and white that the vehicle was indeed wrecked. I am currently pursuing a lawshit against these people.

Also, they have told me several times that I need to come to the dealership and they will "make this right". All they do when i arrive is give the car a cursory look over and then tell me "Nope, we dont see any damage". They also will become belligerent and rude if they feel they are losing control of the situation. Mention a lawyer, and they will scream "LIBEL" and "SLANDER" even though they obviously do not know the definition of these terms.

I was also told I would be recieving a call from Kieth Pierson to talk this over, which never happend. 

Solution of your complaintPay off the loan on the vehicle. They can have it back if they wish, as i have purchased another car instead of driving what could be a rolling death trap. I would like the loan paid off, reimbursement for the payments i have made on this fradulant transaction and compensation for the hours i have lost at work. 
ActionI am already putting together a lawsuit with my attorney and they will be hearing from us shortly, as the paper trail supports my case. I am also putting together a presentation for any media outlet that will run my story and I am also looking into mass market media campaigns that will enable me to get the word out. Lastly, I am working with my commands Judge Advocate General "JAG" Officer to have this dealership placed on a "no go" list, meaning that no military personnel will be able to do business there. 
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