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Walmart Pharmacy

Posted byKaci 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Walmart Pharmacy
Product/Service DescriptionPharmacy overcharing on refills
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeDon the co-manager 
Complaint Details

Okay I know this is dumb but I really just need to vent. The past few months I have had prescriptions filled at the North Logan Wal-Mart they have screwed up. Now I understand that mistakes can be made but come on, how dumb can someone actually be? I have had them fill the wrong amount on my prescription, I had them try to overcharge me on my prescription 2 weeks ago, when I complained the girl called the insurance company and I was correct they were wrong. Well today my husband goes in to fill a prescription and it was for a 90 qty. Insurance only covers a 30 qty per month on this particular medication which is fine. We have always paid about $35.00 for a 30 qty, well today they tried charging him $60 which he told them that was incorrect and four people at the pharmacy started arguing with him. Well he asked for the prescription papers back and went elsewhere. I called the insurance company and asked them to look it up. They would cover a qty 90 for 78.00 you just have to call in to have it override which Wal-Mart has done on other prescription for me before, and a qty 30 for 35.00. So where they were getting the $60 something from I really don’t know. Needless to say we have transferred all of our prescriptions elsewhere. Before this incident I had quit shopping at Wal-Mart for grocery items since I had a few bad experiences. Since my husband works was so close to Wal-Mart I figured we would still just have our prescription filled there so he could pick them up on the way home. Well not any more. I am done with Wal-Mart. I called to complain and the manager said, “well the pharmacy has been busy since we stared the $4.00 prescriptions”. I laughed what did he really expect me to say, “oh well I understand that mistakes are made” for the 10th time (since this was not the first time this incident has happened to me), or was he simply asking for my advise on how to solve the situation which would have been well hire more people, and if you have a hard time doing that then maybe you should raise the starting wage.  

Solution of your complaintTo have them listen to the customer. All they had to do was call the insurance company. I did and it only took a few seconds to get to a live person.  
ActionWell it does not matter I will never shop at Wal-mart again for anything.  
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