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Posted byJohn Manoah 
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Let me introduce myself as John Manoah, AirTel Customer . I would like to address the issues that I am facing with AirTel for the past few months. I was using the New India 299 plan because I make more STD calls. But in the month of August I just realized that I also make more local calls and thought to change a plan that would suit my requirements. I called 121 and a CSR suggested the AES 249 Plan which sounded good to me. Please find attached email where I have clearly mentioned the tariffs that the CSR updated me and requested for a bill change. I had also mentioned that I am not sure about other plans and that I require an AirTel CSR to help me choose the best plan. But without any counseling I received a reply stating that bill plan will be changed from my next billing cycle. Hoping that my bill plan was changed I made lots of local and STD calls.

At the end of the month my bill shot up to 6000 RS and I found that my bill plan was not changed. When I called 121 I got a reply saying that the bill plan was withdrawn. But when I asked why I wasnít informed about the same, they gave me a lame excuse that they tried calling me and I was not available. From then on I am calling 121 at least once a day on an average and explain my concern spending Ĺ hour to 45 mins. At the end, the CSR would console me saying that someone from AirTel would get in touch with me soon. After waiting for 2-3 days I would call AirTel again and address all the issues again and I would get similar responses. Till today (itís been around a month) no proper resolution is given. I finally got a call from Mr.Siddesh on 22nd Oct and he gave some hope that the bill can be reworked according to AES plan. You would be surprised that with simple calculation we found that an amont of Rs 2745 was billed excess. But sadly I didnít receive any kind of updates from him or the billing team thereafter. Now I see that my last monthís bill is 4500 which is still in the 299 plan.

I got deeply disappointed and finally decided to move out of AirTel and requested for the cancellation of the connection. Iím surprised that Iím not receiving a response for that also.

You are my last ray of hope and I believe that at least you would understand the frustration I am going through as an AirTel customer. I had lost money, trust and peace and as of now I regret choosing AirTel. I sincerely request you to please consider this plea from a frustrated customer like me and give me a favorable reply for all the disappointments that I had with AirTel till today.

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Interaction with N.Cheluvaraj K

John Manoah

Solution of your complaintAs of now ... only Silence and repeated disappointments. I would like AirTel to refund my entire two months bill or rework the bills according to the plan I recommended! 
ActionWould move to another reliable service provider. 
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