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Maruti Udyod Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon

Posted bySharad Kumar Verma 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Maruti Udyod Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionMaruti, WagonR Lxi - Dl 5cc 1396, Seller Receipt 1412
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintQuality 
Complaint Rating6(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeViki, Suraj, Javed 
Complaint Details

Dear Mr. Khattar,

I know my mail is very lengthy but please read this mail completly as its very necessory.

Boss, problem is that i purchased a Maruti True Value WagonR Car of 2001 Model whose no. is DL 5CC 1396 and of Meroon Color from :-

T.R. Sawhney Motors pvt. ltd.

33-34, Main Wazirabad Road,

New Delhi.

Contact No. 9999399150 (Mr. Deepak Bhatnagar (Manager)).

9999399188 (Mr. Viki (Sales Executive))

9999399183 (Mr. Suraj (Sales Executive))

Firstly i want to complaint that on the Date of Delivery(09/11/2007) of the CAR, the Car was not checked properly according to 120 Check points created by Maruti.

Some Major Examples are as follows : -

1. A.C was not working (Reason : Because of Leakage of GAS) (Detected in front of the Sales Executive - Suraj, Viki, Amit Gulati, Javed).

2. Rear Right Side Door lock is Jammed. (Detected in Front of the Suraj, Amit Gulati).

3. Car was not clean from inside.

Example :

a) Odometer of Car contains So much Dust from the inside that the visibility of needles was not proper.

b) Car Seat Covers was also dirty.

4. From the rear side of the CAR there is some noise of bearing.

5. Car RIM was totaly dirty and no paint was there on it.

Now, when i complaint regarding these points with Mr. Suraj, Javed, Amit Gulati, Viki then they people called me on Sunday for fixing of these troubles.

Now, The majore failure of Commitment.

They people called me on Sunday and on that day there Mechanic was on Holiday. When i ask that do you have only one mechanic in your organization then they said yes they have only one mechanic.

Now, this was beyond my limit so i escalate this matter to Mr. Deepak Bhatnagar (Manager) then he agreed to all the points and commiting me again for Monday with pick and Drop of the CAR on the Same day and assured me that all the problems will be fixed on Monday (12/11/2007). If you want to proof then i have the recording of the Conversation between Mr. Bhatnagar and Me of 16.0 MB.

Now, Monday comes and Mr. Deepak Bhatnagar sends the person for Picking up the CAR, But CAR was not delivered on the Same day.


According to him, there was some leakage in the pipe of A.C,

According to Mr. Suraj, There was leakage in the Condensor so it needs to be changed,

According to Mr. Sanjay Tyagi, There was error in Compressor so car had been sent to company for changing of the Compressor.

Now, i get these three different statement at the same time on Thursday (15/11/2007), So none of the person is genuine.

But Mr. Deepak Bhatnagar commit me again for the delivery of CAR on Same day (Thursday).

Now, Car is delivered to my mother around 6:30 PM on Thursday 15/11/2007.

Now, Again CAR is not perfectly fixed still it is ready to go back to GARAGE again as only First point of A.C is fixed and rest other POINTS are remain unfixed. Also when car comes back from the GARAGE JACK ROD and PANA for opening of the WHEEL BOLTS are missing from the CAR BOOT.

Now, I dont know what to do and when my CAR will be Perfectly Ready to Drive on Road for me.

This is my first experience of Purchasing a MARUTI CAR, and i get very bad impression of MARUTI Dealers in my MIND.

So, Please help me regarding this trouble.

Your kind attention to this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

Sharad Kumar Verma

(Software Engineer)

Ericsson India Pvt. LTd.


Contact No. (Personal) 9873800472, (Official) 9958592466, (Official Direct) 0124-4263083.

Residence Address : -

HNo. G-17/43, Sector-15

Rohini, Ground Floor,

New Delhi - 110085.

Contact No. 011-27893526.

Solution of your complaintPlease fix the complaints as soon as possible without any harassment. 
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