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AT&T Wireless

Posted byLogan Lee Holmes 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
AT&T Wireless
Product/Service DescriptionAT&T Wireless service
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeAmanda Rose 
Complaint Details

I traveled to Europe between 10/11/07 and 10/29/07 and I took my cell phone with me to be used in case of emergency. My phone was stolen from my bag in Prague, Czech Republic, on 10/26/07. I was not aware the phone was missing until after I returned home on 10/29/07. I did not realize the phone had been permanently lost or stolen until after a diligent search turned up no trace of it. This was on or about 11/2/07.

On that day I went to an AT&T store, informed the representative that my phone had been lost or stolen in Europe, and purchased a new phone.

On 11/9/07, one week after I had already shut off the old phone and bought a new one, I received a call from “Janet” at the AT&T Fraud Department telling me the balance on my account was $2,401.90. I informed her that I contested the charges, and she advised that I should call back to object to the bill once I received it.

On 11/14/07, I received a phone call from “Amanda Rose” from the AT&T “high usage department” informing me that I had a $2,401.90 balance on my account, and stating that I must pay the balance immediately or my phone would be shut off. She refused to tell me the nature of the charges or to provide me with a copy of the bill that I had not yet received. She simply demanded that I pay the entire balance or she would shut off my phone, despite the fact that the billing due date was 11/21/07, an entire week in the future! I told her that I would not pay those charges until I could review the bill and contest them.

On the evening of 11/14/07 my phone was shut off. This is a business phone and not having it severely affects my business.

I have now reviewed the bill and advised AT&T via the enclosed letter that $2,049.55 of the charges were unauthorized and were not mine. One can easily see from the bill, (excerpts of which are enclosed), that the phone was stolen on or about 10/26/07 and that the thief then used it over the next six days to make over 900 minutes of calls to the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and other places that phone had never called before. The six day period prior to the phone being stolen, I had used it for a total of 21 minutes, and I think the fact that I was not making these calls should have been obvious and noticed by AT&T earlier than 11/9/07, almost two weeks after I returned home.

I have paid AT&T the balance on the account, (although it was technically not due for another week), for all authorized calls. Is there anything else I can do, other than paying over $2,000 for calls I did not make, to get them to re-establish cell service?

Solution of your complaintCell phone service re-established and having AT&T write off all unauthorized charges. 
ActionReturn AT&T phone and cancel service. Obtain new phone and service provider. Possibly legal action . 
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