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Indian Railways ( Jalandhar City) Station

Posted byAnuj Anand 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Indian Railways ( Jalandhar City) Station
Product/Service Description
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeNone 
Complaint Details

Dear Sir, I’m an practicing Advocate at District Courts in Punjab and often go to New Delhi for some of my cases, and I usually travel by Shatabdi or Shane Punjab Chair Car. On 25th Nov 2007 I was waiting for Shane Punjab at Jalandhar railway station which was us usual late. I was feeling bit cold and feverish so I decided to have a cup of tea, from the vendor who has is tea stall outside the waiting hall ( I think it was vendor no 21). I came out and said “ Arey yaar Ek Cup Chai Kar na” and suddenly I noticed that he was quite elder to me so I changed my wordings and said “Bau ji ek Cup Chai dena please”. I took the cup of tea and with his permission took the cup of tea inside waiting room, I was just sipping the tea when there was an announcement that Shane Punjab is reaching plate form No 1 so I hurriedly finished with it and kept the glass on the stall and told the elderly vendor that “ Bau ji yeh raha apka glass thank you”. And started towards plate form no 2. when I heard the voice of that same vendor ‘’ Arey paise to deja” I immediately turned back and told the vendor sorry I forgot here please take your money. But I was shocked the, man whom I was giving full respect told me Tu bhaut chaalak baney ki koshish kar rahey ha” ( you are trying to be very clever) and believe me these words no haunt me. I will try to run way by not paying him his 3 rupees.!!!.I told him bua ji please don’t say like this it just skipped from my mind that I had not paid you. Om which that vendor told me that I will catch by your collar and take you to the Railway police, and said that I was trying to steal and then trying to be smart, he has used dafmatory words for me. I think, I should have addressed him as oye chai laa ke dey. I request the Indian railways to teach the vendosr to behave. And I have learnt never respect I person below you designation 

Solution of your complaintI need the vendor to tender apology and the vendor should be taught to behave 
ActionI have not thought 
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