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Class 1 Services

Posted byRajesh 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Class 1 Services
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionElectrolux Washing machine (EW 104 FX)
Warranty StatusDo not know.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr.Anil, Mr.Ashwin 
Complaint Details

Subject: Continuous mental agony (for me & my wife), and increase in blood pressure & mental stress for my pregnant (8 months) wife - due to the worst ever customer response & service being provided by Class 1 Services for my Electrolux Washing machine.

Dear Sir,

During the beginning of Aug í07, our Electrolux washing machine [model: EX 104 FX] went fault and I contacted ĎJust Dialí (080-2333-3333) on 6th Aug evening around 10:45PM, to get the contact details about the local Electrolux dealers. Within 15 minutes (around 11:00PM) of receiving the details thru SMS from ĎJust Dialí, I also received a call from a service agent [Class 1 Services] mentioning that they would come and repair our washing machine the next day. Couple of service personal did come to our house the next day (7th Aug) and saw it and took it to their place saying that barring is gone and they can make it ready only by taking it to their service centre. However, once they took it to their place, we had to keep on calling them to know about when the machine will be ready and when it will get delivered to us. Finally we received it on 10th Aug. However, we kept calling them at least 10-15 times in a day for them to pick up our calls. We actually felt that we were deceived by this service agent. When it was delivered on 10th Aug, my wife noticed that some belt is missing and when she inquired about that, the service personal had told that it is not required and the washing machine would work well. We did pay Rs.4,555/- + Rs.250/- for this repair work. They also promised that for any repair within 6 months from that date, their service centre would do it without charging anything for us.

Last wk Tue (27-Nov) we heard a huge sound as if the stone inside the washing machine is broken and the machine stopped functioning. We called up this service agent again [Class 1 Services]. They came on Thu (29-Nov). After inspecting the washing machine, the service personal mentioned that they will have to take it to their service centre for repairing it and it would cost about Rs.2500/- (minimum), and claimed that we will have to bear the cost of repair. Since I was in office, my wife (A.C.Sandhya) only spoke to them and my parents were there at home. The service personal [Mr.Ashwin] who attended it as well as the person in-charge in their service center [Mr.Anil] had been arguing a lot and never accepted the fault. My wife somehow managed to get the contact number of Authorized dealer of Electrolux washing machine and what they had to say was that there should have been two springs below the stone, which were actually missing in our washing machine! Later the argument went to the extent that my wife was made emotional and she had been crying a lot and finally the service center persons accepted to take the washing machine that evening itself and get it repaired on their cost and get it delivered back to my place.
For confirmation, I called Mr.Anil and he confirmed me that they would take our washing machine on Fri (30-Nov) morning around 10:00AM, and get it delivered on Mon (3-Dec). We waited till 12:00Noon and when I called them, no one picked up the phone. We could feel that they are not taking the phone because they know our numbers. I then called from a different landline (from which Iíve never called them) and they picked up the phone. Mr.Anil (or someone) promised that their vehicle will come and pick up the washing machine by 4:00PM on the same day (30-Nov) and get it delivered positively by Mon (3-Dec). We again waited till 6:00PM and since no one turned up, we started calling them from different numbers (my mobile, my wifeís mobile, and our landline) and we kept calling them till 9:00PM and no one bothered to pick up the phone. In the meantime, the mental pressure and stress for my wife (who is pregnant Ė 8th month) got increased and she became restless due to their worst response! We all at home were worried. I didnít give up. I kept calling them the next day also and no one picked up. On Mon (3-Dec) again my wife called and fortunately Mr.Anil or Mr.Arun had picked up the call and mentioned that their office was closed on Sat (1-Dec), as there was some function in Mr.Anilís place and all of them were there. He promised that he will definitely send someone to pickup the washing machine before 2:00PM and no one turned up as expected. We were in the peak of getting deceived royally by someone. On Tue (4-Dec), I called from my office landline at 12:30PM and Mr.Anil picked up the call immediately. As soon as he heard my voice he immediately said that the person who is supposed to pick the washing machine left his service center 30 minutes back and he will be there in our house anytime. We did wait till 5:00PM and since no one turned up, I started calling from different numbers and someone or the other picked (except for the people whom we had talked earlier; People whom we had talked earlier were Mr.Anil, Mr.Ashwin, Mr.Karthik & Mr.Arun). Every time they asked me to call after 15 mins as these people were not around. Finally at about 6:30PM, I shouted at them saying that Iíll take up this with consumer court (if they didnít send the vehicle by Tue evening) and dropped the phone. However, my wife did try calling them this morning and looks like no one picked up the phone.
As of now, we are very much upset about their poor response and feel that we are deceived a lot by this service centre. This is the first time that we are facing such worst ever response and service in our life time. We have kept the washing machine as it is. Please let us know if we can go ahead and get it repaired through some other authorized dealer or should we keep it as it is till this is getting resolved.

I kindly request you to take this up and help us in getting this resolved at the best possible way, and take legal action against the service centre who had caused a lot of mental agony and trauma to my wife (who is currently pregnant; as per her doctor advice, she is not supposed to strain/ stress herself) and myself.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this and also let me know if you would be able to take this up for us. Thanks in advance.

Address of Service Center:
Class 1 Services,
#33, Ramachandrapura main road,
Vidyaranyapura Post,
Bangalore Ė 560 013
Ph: 080-23454941, +91-98861-68722 (Mr.Ashwin), +91-99454-26161 (Mr.Anil)

Solution of your complaintRepairing my washing machine without any charge to us as they promised and a prompt service in future too. For the mental agony, stress and trauma created for me as well as for my pregnant wife, I dont think there is any compensation that the service agent could provide. 
ActionWe are mentally low & tired due to the continuous follow-up and mental stress that we had faced in the last one week. So, not sure, what is the next step that I would take. I might leave it as it is and buy a new washing machine - to avoid any further mental stress for my wife at this stage. However, some legal action should be taken on this service centre so that at least in future no one else is facing this kind of mental trauma. 
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