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Kenstar Home Appliances Limited

Posted bySushil m Satpute 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Kenstar Home Appliances Limited
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionKenstar Model no.LF210, Griha Vaibhav, Bangalore Invoice No. 563 dated 26.01.2006 Product sr. No.981205270500200567
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintPerformance 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeKenstar Customer service 
Complaint Details

I had purchased KENSTAR washing machine, Model no. LF210 (sr. no.981205270500200567) from M/s. Griha Vaibhav, Bangalore vide invoice no. 563 dated 26.01.2006. The washing machine was under warranty of 2 years.
Initially machine was not been used much, as I was staying alone and my wife & my new born child was at my native place till Jan 2007. And we started using it on regularly, in the month of Mar -07, we noticed that the machine was running for full the cycle and clothes are neither getting washed nor dried up, and whole detergent was as is on the clothes. So I lodged first complaint no. SG-1005004, in the month of March 07. Then Kenstar technician came and replaced the pulley belt. After that immediate in the month of May again machine got problem, I again lodged the complaint on 28.05.2007 vide complaint no. BQS 07E280080, nothing was resolved. Again complaint no. SG-2804009 in the month of July07. In the month of July They sent their senior service personnel, who has given report to his seniors that whole drum, shaft and pulley to be replaced. But they only replaced the pulley and intimated that drum will follow soon and as soon as they receives, they will replace it. But drum has not came, machine couldn’t ran longer. In the month of October, again I lodged the fresh complaint no. BRS240096 on 25.10.2007. I am keep on calling there service centre, but nobody is responding properly. They are saying the Kenstar service centre is closed now and Videocon is taking care. But no proper response, one service personnel came and given feedback that some parts needs to be replaced, and he has informed to his superiors, After speaking to Mr. R C Bhat General Manager – Service ( Kenstar Head office), Ph. No. 23493377/23494400,I was being informed that the drum and shaft will be replaced soon or they will replace the washing machine with new one, But till date no action. Tilldate the machine is non working condition. Meanwhile I got the telephone nos. of few top level officials, now after repetitive calling, they are also not responding also not picking up my calls.

I would request to help me out with this situation as Kenstar head office neither rectifying the problem nor replacing the machine. I am rally very helpless on this matter and the way of Kenstar’s negligence.


Sushil Satpute
99162 30675

Solution of your complaintEither fully repairing to the satisfaction or replacement 
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