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Jet Airways

Posted byKapil Gupta 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Jet Airways
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionMisinformation & Ticket booking for Infant at price higher than adult !!!
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintOther 
Complaint Rating8(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeCustomer Service Help Desk for enquiry 
Complaint Details

13th December, 2007

Subject : Complaint - Misinformation & Overcharging for Infant ticket

Dear Sir / Madame,

This mail is a formal note of complaint and clarification with respect to my travel experience with Jet airways last month (November). This has raised serious questions with regard to operational integrity of Jet airways operations.

My family & I had travelled from Mumbai to Raipur on 3rd November and return travel for my family was on 18th November. My daughter, Pakhi Gupta, was less than 4 months on date of travel. I tried making the bookings through Jet airways website - however, the site did not allow bookings for the infant. I called Jet airways booking office 3 times over a period of 1 week and i was advised that there are no separate fares for Infant and the charges would be same as adult travel. Not able to find a way around i booked the tickets for Pakhi - with full fare (in fact more!!!) - for both onward and return journeys, online,
through I had been issued tickets for Pakhi - with the fare (& Infant) printed on it.

I was surprised when the lady at checkin counter in Mumbai asked me “why did i book ticket for Infant?”. She informed me that for Infant no tickets are required and it is issued directly at the airport - before making the travel. The fare for Infant is also significantly less than what has been charged. As she expressed her inability to do anything at that point in time, we had to make the travel.

Details of all the itinerary & ticket numbers are mentioned below.
Onward Journey : 3rd November; Flight Number - 9W0377 - Mumbai to Raipur
1) Mr Kapil Gupta : Fare - INR 2225 (Form & Serial number 2652228107)
2) Mrs Deepshikha Gupta : Fare - INR 2225 (Form & Serial number 2652228105)
3) Miss Pakhi Gupta : Fare - INR 2327 (Form & Serial number 2652228106)

Return Journey : 18th November; Flight Number - 9W0378 - Raipur to Mumbai
1) Mrs Deepshikha Gupta : Fare - INR 2225 (Form & Serial number 2652228103)
2) Miss Pakhi Gupta : Fare - INR 2327 (Form & Serial number 2652228104)

I have travelled in at least 10 different airlines across the world and this is first time i have experienced such lack of professionalism in the transaction. This has raised serious questions with regard to:
1) Why Jet airways does not allow booking online for Infants?
2) Why the customer service agents at booking office did not inform about correct fare for Infant travel?
3) How could Jet airways issue tickets (through for Infant with same (in fact more) fare than adult fare?
4) On realising that incorrect fare has been charged - why the jet airways officials at airport could not take remedial measures?

I would appreciate if you could let me know - what is the company policy in such case of providing incorrect information & overcharging? I also request you to acknowledge receipt of this mail and advise on the next steps on priority.


Kapil Gupta

Solution of your complaint1) Refund of the overcharged amount 2) Clear policy description about the Infant travel charges on the website 3) Training of customer service desk members to provide correct information 
ActionApproach consumer forum to get views with respect to protecting the rights. 
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