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Chrysler Corporation

Posted byJoe and Jean Howard 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Chrysler Corporation
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionChrysler Town and Country LTD FWD LWB Wagon
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintSafety 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeNo one 
Complaint Details

We purchased our 2002 van this summer and it has less than 50,000 current miles. My husband was driving 70 MPH and without any warning the transmission blew up. He is lucky to be alive. It was one of the scariest things he has ever experienced. Since we purchased the car used from a Ford dealer we were never informed about Chryslers extended warranty. The Ford product was cost prohibitive and offered little coverage. We have never owned a Chrysler before this. We have learned since that our car had a non-transferrable 70,000 mile warranty and that Chrysler began offering transferrable leases immediately after our car. We have also learned that Chrysler has had quite a few problems with transmissions across multiple product lines. We now are faced with a $3000+ repair bill and are without any security that this will not happen again because the Chrysler dealer put the same faulty transmission (ours was unrepairable because it literally blew apart so the dealer ordered a factory rebuild replacement). In our investigation we have learned that Chrysler is making money off of high priced factory rebuilds. We feel like they are frying us in our own grease. We are paying for their faulty workmanship while they continue to profit from poor craftmanship and our family is left without protection from another powertrain failure. 

Solution of your complaintSince Chrysler makes a huge profit off of its rebuilds these replacement parts should be offered, in circumstances such as ours ( premature major power train failure that jeopardized the drivers safety) at a substantially reduced price, and Chrysler should assist the Chrysler dealer/service center with these repair costs rather than just push it off to the end user/victim. In addition since these extended service warranties were made available in 2002 our vehicle should have been "grandfathered" and we should be offered the same opportunity to obtain the transferrable 70,000 mile warranty. There was obiviously an identifiable problem that prompted these to be provided in the first place in the year 2002 and there was also a recognizable need to allow them to be owner transferrable in the year 2002. Since our car is a 2002 we should have had this extended to us as well. Furthermore, how will Chrysler guarantee that our family is safe? I dont think our peace of mind has a solution except to trade the car in. It happened once what assurance do we have that it will not happen again when the same faulty part that failed initially was replaced with an identical faulty transmission?. We are afraid. Financially we are not in position to purchase a new car. This part is without solution unless Chrysler takes this trade in and is able to offer us a great deal on a car without problems but the more we research the more "buyer beware" we feel toward Chrysler cars.  
ActionWe do not know except that my husband work involves supervision of 2 county offices where he has contact with many private citizens everyday and my job is also high profile over a 7 county operations and supervision of a staff of 70 professionals that we plan to be very vocal that Chrysler makes faulty cars and offers faulty products that endanger lives. 
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