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T Mobile

Posted byArlene Goulart 
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T Mobile
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Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeerobert dotson 
Complaint Details

I purchased a to go phone from t mobile. I told the rep I wanted a phone to put in my car for emergencies. I would not use the phone for anything else. They told me and it also says on the refill card that after you spend $100 your minutes will not expire for a year. I have spent over $100 but when I activated my cards I noticed it keeps saying my minutes would expire in a month! I called the company after way tooooooo much time on the phone I was told someone changed my pin and the type of account. I told them that it was not possible! I live alone and no one has access to the phone or the info. They pretty much told me I was a liar and the only way to get access to the account would be to physically come to one of their stores and show them my ID. So I went in showed them my id but of course the store I went to could not help with any other matters. I went home called them again they insist their is nothing they can do because the account had been changed. I asked for a supervisor...they said they dont have any...Jesus said if I didnt calm down he would disconect me...this was after one other person put me on hold and threw me back into the phone pool. So you go from a rep on the phone directly to the president robert dotson via email. I sent an email gave them the info and still have not heard from them! This is all over a $10 refill card...they continue to call me a liar. I am so tired of companies ripping people off for small amounts because they know time is more valuable and people dont have the time to fight them. I believe it is one of the companies underhanded stratigies to not only cheat consumers but to force them into the store so they can try and talk them into other products. Shame on T Moble and the scum sucking people that work there! 

Solution of your complaintThe company should not offer to go phones if they dont want to uphold their offers. They should treat people with a little respect and not like a dollar sign. Their employees should be able to use their own judgement, I could understand if I was talking about hundreds of dollars...not ten! I realize many people are not honest and will take what they can get...but some common sense would be great! 
ActionFirst, I found this web site...Im going to look for others...when I see any t mobile stores and I have the time Im going to stop and tell people about how I was cheated. Im going to print up a t-shirt that says DROP YOUR t mobile ASK ME WHY! I will tell everyone I know will blog everywhere I can etc. Im makeing it my mission to help stop the cell phone companies from robbing the consumer. They are as bad as the credit card companies...I dont know how their employees sleep at night! 
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