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Complaint Details

Univer Cell Telecommunications India Pvt Ltd; Door No 44/5, Dickenson Road, Bangalore - 42

Posted byK Kalyani 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Univer Cell Telecommunications India Pvt Ltd; Door No 44/5, Dickenson Road, Bangalore - 42
Product/Service DescriptionBrand: Motorola ROKR; Invoice No: P.B.DK/956; Executive: Yogesh;
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeManager of the Brach (Univercell, Door no 44/5, Dickenson Road, Bangalore-42) 
Complaint Details

This is Ms Kalyani,

I bought Motorola ROKR model mobile phone from UniverCell Telecommunication Pvt Ltd (Door No 44/5, Dickenson Road, Bangalore -42), Bangalore on 24th Nov, 2007.

Really speaking they convinced me to take that brand handset and put me to purchase the same piece, saying that It was trouble free.

Details of my purchase are:

Invoice No: P.B.DK/956
Date of Purchase: 24th Nov, 2007
Executive: Yogesh
Payment mode: Credit card
Price of the piece: 11,499/-
1 yr warrenty

It is under warrenty for one year, still I found it is not functioning well. Its stops functioning very frequently. I have submitted my hand set to them to repair from where I have purchased. They took 5 days to set it to functioning again. Again the same problem occuring. I have given them back for repair again. They took five more days to repair it and give me back. Meanwhile I lost all my contents (phone numbers, important details, pictures, data, etc) in my handset.

This is third time It caught not functioning in a span of one and half month. All my memory was lost again. After it is put for charging, it is becoming fully black and no operations are being performed and dead.

Finally I frustrated to see that my mobile piece, out of these two months, it was under repair for longer time than in use.

Also I heard from my friends that they are also suffering from such problems with Motorola handsets. So I decided to take my money back. If they are not interested to give my money back, I wanted to purchase another brand handset of equivelant or higher price than that of mine.

I have proposed the same thing to the Univer Cell Telecommuncations (Deckenson road branch) from where I bought my handset. They acted rudly without a bit of concern and told me that whatever you wanted to do aginst you can do. But, did not agreed to replace my handset. They also knew very well that my hand set is fully faulty because for the most of the time it is with them only.

Also they were telling even if they agreed to replace with a new handset of different model, they will only pay me the present price (showing some xerox copies of price lists) of of the same which is around 10,000/- (whereas I bought my piece for 11,499/- just one and half month ago)

Finally, I frustrated with all the manupulations to cheat me in a very cunning manner. I lost all my valuable money, time. Also I have purchased this aginst to my parents wish and convincing them that it was a very good mobile and had very good features as they told my while I purchase it. So I need to responsible for my parents also for all these nonsense happened with me by Univercell (Dickenson branch Manager).

Their response was so reckless and careless. They put me under lot of pressure. I could not able to attend important calls at right times. I had wasted a valuable time of mine in going around his mobile store regularly for repairs.

Mainly the manager of that branch talked so rudely and carelessly and asked me do whatever I could do against. He did so because, I am a girl, and I could not fight for the justice.

So, please help me in fighting for the justice and for the value of my money and time I have spent. I dont want any body else to suffer like me by this Univer Cell Telecommunications branch.

Thank you so much.

Yours faithfully

Ms Kalyani
100ft road, Indira nagar
ph: 9886509095


Solution of your complaintI am sure, I will be justified correctly. I have a lot of hope and trust in Consumer courts. I studied a lot many articals of right justice and consumer satisfaction because of you. I want my money back as my first choice (also it is under warranty). Or else, I want a new mobile of my choice from their store taking my mobile back for the same invoice cost I had spent for it. I should be treated well if I found any new complaints hereafter (if I had to purchase another mobile from the same store) for my new piece. This is only I have asked them which is quite appropriate. But I failed to get so. So, I need your very help in my fight for justice. Thank you  
ActionAs a common Indian girl, I will be frustrated a lot because of this gready attitude which is going to extreams in our scenerio. Also, I have to see the fire from my parents as I have done against to their wish. Which is much bigger trouble to me. I do not think a justice from anywhere else if I failed to get it from you as people like, said above in my complaint, will go for any extent and even they can buy justice. And I have very high spirits in your job. Thank you faithfully, K kalyani 
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