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The company was hired to do work in my home and first of all the labor worker claimed to not understand english. The workers were not supervised by the "foreman" at the company and come to find out that the company/subcontractor hires out to unregistered sex offender to do work in homes where there are children. This mean that someone at the company has dropped the ball by not making sure that the workers pass background checks before they hire them. Also, The crew that was working at my home attempted to do shoddy work and even made damage to parts of my home that they were not authorized to do. They also stole from my home. The follow up with complaint are not acceptable and the breakdown in communication between the workers and the indvidual was make the assignment is horrible. If they can go cheap on the material and believe me they will try they will do just that.

This company is also in the business in overcharing for work so make sure that you get referal from other companies. I will not refer this company to anyone, because of their business pratices and I am going to make sure that they are held accountable.

The company is located at 155 w 84 street
chicago, IL 60620 

Solution of your complaintThe works need to be supervised more often and the company needs to require that the subcontractor request a background check on the workers to ensure that they are not putting families in danger. 
ActionI have already begun to take action aganist this company. Reports have be submitted to various agencies in my city (chicago, Illinois) with the concerns I have with this company. Someone has to be the voice of the consumer who are afraid to speak out. 
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