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Hind Motors Chandigarh

Posted byManik Ahuja 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Hind Motors Chandigarh
Product/Service DescriptionTata Indigo LX, Jan 2006
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating7(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employee 
Complaint Details

This is in reference to a Tata Indigo Marina Purchased in Jan 2005. The same was taken to your authorized service station In Chandigarh that is Hind Motors on 10th December 2007 for Major service due at 50000kms with no starting problems.

The service was carried however after 2 or 3 days of service the car started to give starting problems early in the morning. I called your helpline which is associated with Hind Motors on 15th Dec. They came at my place to check the car in afternoon and said that right now since the car is giving no problems in starting it would be difficult for us to isolate the problem. The mechanic said that tomorrow morning if you face the same problem we can call them again and not to my surprise the car did give the same problem the next day as well.

The helpline was informed and they were somehow able to start my car and take it to the service center around 1100 hrs on 16th December. I was informed on the phone around 1400 hrs that the heaters have gone bad and they need to be changed.

I have no issues in paying for the component however what I donít seem to understand is when my car came in for a Major service at 50000 kms then why did not report this? Secondly, your service manger said that we check the electrical equipment in Major service, so is checking the heater (used to start the car) not part of the electrical equipment? Thirdly, it is very hard for me to understand that out of 4 heaters, 3 have gone bad immediately after service and the 4th one they report is weak.

With all due respect to your service engineers and technicians I fail to understand how can 3 out 4 plugs go bad immediately after servicing where in when the car came in for Major service there were no starting problems associated.

Second Issue : During the same service I had complained to the service Engineer that their is a engagement problem whenever I put the Ist and 2nd gear. It was noted formally anywhere and when i went to take the car in the eveneing that problem still persisted so the service Engineer told me that Clutch needs to be adjusted and he did the same. Now after running it in the same fashion today my car broke down and when i took it to an Authorized service station (Anil Motor Corporation) tnot Hind motors because i have lost my faith in them. The Engineers at the Anil Motor Corporation explained me why did my car broke down and said that incase intially when this issue came up if they would have replaced the part then the other costly components would not have gone bad but since the Engineers at Hind Motors wanted to give me a work around so that they could earn money later today I had to Spent Around RS 6000 to get my car working. 

Solution of your complaintReplace the defective parts free of charge as initially it was a mistake from their end. 
ActionConsumer Court, Legal Action  
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