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SBI Credit Cards

Posted byMurali Krishnan C 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
SBI Credit Cards
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service DescriptionAnnoying service on SBI Credit Card Balance Transfer (For a Balance transfer cheque I had to wait around 60 days!!!!)
Warranty StatusDo not know.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeSrinivas,Indu,Manjunath,Rajalakshmi,Joseph,Sharavanan,Eshwaran 
Complaint Details

I own a Credit card with SBI and also one HSBC crdit card which has a due of 52,000/ and I requested for a Balance transfer from SBI to the HSBC card which they (SBI ) say is free of interest for 75 days.I requested on 30th of October 2005.I had to go out of station for my marriage from 16th of Nov till the month end and I kept on waiting for the cheque to be delivered to me.They claim that within 11 days the cheque would be delivered to the customer.that means surely it would have been delivered to me by 15th in all possibilities.

That cheque didnt reach me before I left Bangalore for my marriage on 16th Nov,and after I had left Bangalore,it got delivered to my colleague on 26th NOv 2005,who promptly intimated me the same.As the due date with HSBC falls on 26th of every month, I saw no point in dragging along a balance transfer any more, and requested for a cancellation on 24th Nov and a issuance of a fresh one before the cheque reached me.When I joined back to my office on 5th Dec 2005, I got the cheque from my colleague and sent it back to the Customer care center, SBI Credit card, Chennai along with a complaint letter detailing all the mismanagement and due carelessness they employed alongway, which they received on 10th of Dec 2005( from 6th of Dec to 10th of dec its been a longway from Bangalore to Chennai by courier....!!!!!)

I had detailed the following points in the letter which they have not taken care of till date!!(Its been 14 days now nor is my balance transfer cheque delivered to me till date and I am again on the verge of crossing the due date for this month as well.....)

1. A cheque which was requested on 30th Oct was not delivered till 26th Nov.

2. The reason for delay is a misprinted Address(!!!!????),which happened to be an address which I updated very long back and i received one monthly statement on that address too.
My question is how can there be two different maiiling addresses- one for the montly statement and the other for balance transfer-?

After that also my worries didnt stop.I am consolidating them mpoint by point

1.When I sent the cheque back along with the cancellation letter + complaint letter (Mentioned earlier) on 5th/6th Dec they received it on 10th only.When I spoke to then on 10th they told that never before did I request for the cancellation!!!!(wastage of 15 days).They booked for the cancellation and again I asked them for the issuance of a new cheque.I spoke to Mr.Srinivas(who seems to have done the whole destruction) he assured me that he was taking the request for a fresh cheque as well and it would be delivered to me within 7 working days....

2.Till date there is no mention of the complaint they received from me nor is any action taken from their side.Also no body from their side was bothered to drop a call to me acknowledging about the complaint letter or discussing about what the issue was!!!

3.When on 16th Dec 2005 I called up, I came to know that there was no fresh request for a cheque registered which is promised to have been delivered to me within 7 days!!!!!

4.So I registered for a cheque again which they say is dispatched on 20th of Dec.and till 23rd I didnt receive the same and on 26th the due date with HSBC is again coming up.

5.Each time when I call up I get irritating response from their Call center employees and they appear to be illiterate giving out irrelevant answers to fool around the customers.Yesterday (22nd Dec) when I called up at night One person (miss Rajalakshmi) told me that the cheque was not dispatched and it was with her Leader Srinivas.The version I received
prior to that and after that was different(they all told that it was dispatched on 20th Dec).Now whom should I trust and how could I put an end to this dilemma?

6.Effectively for a cheque which is supposed to be delivered to me within 11 working days,I am still waiting past 55 days.......I dont want to repeat such a ridiculous situation to me and to any other customer as well...Please look into this matter and do the need ful 

Solution of your complaint1. I want a compensation of the interest amount I am forced to pay up to HSBC purely because of SBIs fault which is to waived off from my SBI card Dues. 2. I want the persons responsible for this incident to be punished or strict actions to be taken against them. 3.I would want to have a suitable compensation apart from the abovbe written one,to be paid to me for all the mental agonies I have been subjected to whole these days. 4.I never kept any dues with any of my banks and my credentials with all the banks have been very fair and transparent.Then why should I be subjected to such a worse treatment which is purely due to a handful of persons who are destroying the banks credibility too. 
ActionI would have to take up this matter to RBI and the consumer redressal forum for a fairer and transparent treatment. 
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