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wal mart in reynoldsburg, ohio

Posted bykelly 
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wal mart in reynoldsburg, ohio
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Complaint Details

i was in walmart today, and i spent a moderate amount of money and spent a signifigant amount of time shopping. I get to the register, which of course, there are only a few open to accomodate the ample amount of shoppers. needless to say, i waited at least 15 minutes in line.
The cashier rings up my purchases, and then i scan my card......which is in my husbands name, although we share the same bank account, and the same last name. I had my ID with me also. AFTER, the transaction takes place, the cashier asked for my ID, she didnt know what to do because it was in my husbands name. So, she called someone, who of course took 15 minutes before she showed up.
The customer behind me said he didn;t have the time to wait and threw his stuff down and left, the cashier didnt seem to be bothered by this and just smiled and said OH WELL.
Ive never been so embarrassed in my life, i asked for my card back because it really wasnt a problem to walk 2 feet over to the ATM and get the money out and just pay for my purchases.....she said she couldnt, she didnt know how to fix it because she already rang it up as credit.....imagine that,
Someone eventually did end up coming over, she rudely said....cant do it, ripped something off the register and left.
Mind you, they have ALWAYS accepted this card in the past with my ID.
I asked to speak to the manager, who was just as clueless and rude.
So, i ended up getting the money and buying my purchases, only to come home and find out that they charged me already the first time, it wasnt voided.
So, i went back, yet again, they claim they did void it......funny i still have 167.00 missing from my checking account.
I am so disgusted....where do they find these people?

Solution of your complaintmy solution is to hire people who know what the hell they are doing and maybe you could train some of them to have a personality. 
Actionthey claim the money is going to be put back into my account.....and it better be, what of i hadnt had all that money in there in the first place, i would have had an overdraft fee, not that they care, ill never walk into walmart again....not even if they were giving things away im considering calling the attorney general, and i most definitley will be speaking to the district manager. im not paying walmart 167.00 twice 
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