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Posted byAmit 
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Product/Service Descriptionprepaid airtel connection
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeedurga prasad &Ashwani Kumar 
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I have a prepaid airtel no.. 9958385986..i did a topup recharge of 55Rs on 19th at 6.00 pm..and another 55Rs top up at 9.10 pm...i did not get the balance of 55 Rs which i did at 9.00 pm so i called customer care ..Spoke with Durga Prasad who said he was a supervisor...and said they cannot tell the reason right now have to call after 48hrs ..i called the after 3 days...the same guy said u got the balance ..and u used it..i kept on repeating i did not use the balance i did not get it...when i asked him can u tell me what no.s i called using that balance ..he had no answer and hung up on me...i again called spoke to him again..he kept me on hold for 1/2 and hour...and came back and was very rude i recorded the conversation..he again disconnected the call...i called back again..again he kept me on hold for 20 eback stating ..sorry i am able to see u got the recharge done but did not recive the balance ...he said he will mark a mail ..and i will get a balance in 48 hrs...i asked him to give me a reference no..he said he cannot...i called 2 days later spoke to a guy named ashwani sharma he said he was a supervisor ...he said i have not done any topups since 8thdec 2007...although since 8th dec i have done atleast 10 times recharge..that means that guy durga deleted all my topup information...i again recorded this mom is not well..and i have to use my phone regularly...that day i kept that top up for emergency..but because of Airtel pathetic and disgusting customer service...i was not able to make urgent call...i had to run to the std to make call...all this happened becos of a company that is doing so badly with customers they treat their customers as animals...i want airtel to be completely to be banned from india...they r stealing peoples money..and i am going to consumer court for this and i will make sure ..i take those two peoples job..and sue airtel...or request trai to ban it completely...and i have all the proof in my cell to get this company out of business and tell everyone what is going on ...this has happened to me..and i am sure this will be the case with other people as well...i will take my recorded converstion in court..i will not spare this is not the question of money...its integrity 

Solution of your complaintI want the comapny sued for ...or completely banned or a appology letter from company ceo...and action against those two people.. 
ActionI am definately going to consumer court... 
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