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Posted byAshish K Sharma 
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I am staying in Delhi and using a Vodaphone mobile phone connection. I reached Jammu on 24 Jan 08 and my Vodafone Postpaid phone stopped working. After more than 15 calls to Vodafone customer care and emails no one was willing/able to define the problem. Every one gave different versions of problem and solutions which were not practical. Some interesting versions/solutions are as below:

a) One of the executive old me that may be my SIM is defective and it needs to be changed. When i asked how to do that, i was told that Vodafone will/can send the SIM to my billing address, then i can come to Delhi to collect the SIM and go back to Jammu and try if it works.
b) Another one told me that my National Roaming is not activated. When i asked him that i have reached Jammu how can i do that, he told me that i can ask some one in Delhi to deposit the money and then SMS some code from my phone to 111. I asked him that even if i ask some to deposit the money how can i SMS if my phone is not working. He had no answers. He told me to wait and Voda fone will call back and tell what to do. But i received no call.
c) After this almost more than 5 executives and 3 supervisers told me that there is no problem with my national roaming but there seems to be some other problem and they will call me back with definition of problem and solution but i received no calls.
d) All the executives gave me different time periods by which my problem will be found/solved and this time period ranged from 2 hrs. to 72 hrs. When i tried to explain them that since i am on roaming that means i am out of my region and i will not be there for life so i need your help urgently, again i got the same promise that they will call me again with in 10 mins. but there was no call.
Ultimately i gave up and didnot make any attempt to contact Vodafone on 26th and 27th Jan.
e) Then i received first call from Vodafone only on 28 Jan 08 and the person on other side told me that he was from some Networking department and the problem is that my National Roaming is not activated. I told him that the customer care executives have repeatedly told me that my National Roaming is activated he replied that this is not his domain and he cannot help me.

I am really disappointed by the response i got from Vodafone. There was no effort to solve my problem. When i bought the SIM no body told me that there is something called as National Roaming. And nobody will deny that the sales force never provides full information when they are selling the new connection. Their only concern is to complete the sale and increase their numers. 

Solution of your complaintI am looking for job and was expecting some interview calls but my phone stopped working. Nobody can measure and compensate my loss. 
ActionGo to Consumer court. 
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