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Posted byRama Mohan 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionSify internet
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
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Hello there,

I am writing this mail in my friend’s office after having traveled 10KM, 11:30 PM where thermo here reads 15 degrees Celsius. Now, you must be thinking that I am a fool. You guessed it right! I am a fool of being a Sify customer for 2 years even though I had been having issues with from the very first month. Yes, this mail came straight from the pain that I have been experiencing.

For the last 3 weeks, especially after I agreed to do a night job (From home, unfortunately. That too night shifts), Sify had been giving me nightmares. Here is what happened

1) One Friday night, approximately at 11:00 pm, I lost my internet connection. I called up sify, only to get disconnected 3 times due to bad IVR, Hung up by 2 other people. Finally, I was able to talk to a nice gentleman named Ranjit (I guess. I talked to so many that I don’t have enough memory to recall their names). I specifically told him that I have been facing this issue for the last 2 weeks. I made a complaint to the local technician who installed the internet for me before I made this call. Sadly enough, this guy did not inform this to Sify CC and they had to take it as a fresh complaint. I said ok, never mind and asked them to make sure the problem is fixed and get me a compensation for it. I specifically told them that the internet connection is out at nights and it comes back at night. Obvious that somebody is switching off the Hub/Switch. I was told that I have to wait till the morning to get the internet fixed. I lost $40 that night as my salary
2) Sadly, due to bad listening skills of the Sify customer care agent, I had the same issue even on Saturday night. When I called Sify again, they said that the case was closed. I was frowned and asked them “Why the hell…?” They said that they see some sessions were I was logged on in the morning and they closed the complaint. I again told them that I don’t have internet at nights, “NIGHTS ONLY” and they registered a fresh complaint again and assured me that some one would call me, hopefully a manager to check if everything is okay. However, I told them that some had previously told me managers won’t work at nights. How can he promise me a call from manager on Sunday (that call was never made till date).
3) The same thing followed Sunday night. I lost $80 for 2 days. Thankfully, the third day was Sunday. Anyway, the same thing had been on and off at nights for the following weeks until today. The internet was working fine for the last 4 days at nights and I thought “Well Sify is definitely working”. I was proven wrong very badly and the internet went down again. I talked to Naveen (I am sure of his name this time). Talked with him and the so called Floor in charge Venkatesh for 45 minutes explaining my grievance. I know that the field engineers would not work at nights. The same thing was explained by the Floor In Charge (Which was in the script) repeatedly and he finally said, “I cant help you. You are in a wrong place. You are in Chennai and the Hyderabad people are not picking up the phone.” And he hung up the call.

After explaining this, the following conclusions can be drawn:

1) If customer relies on internet at nights and if his connection goes down for a night, he has to wait till the morning to get it fixed. Even if it repeats for weeks altogether.
2) Sify boasts to be a 24*7 call center; however there are no managers to talk to the customers at nights? They never take escalation calls and they don’t have any clue about customer retention.
3) Bad IVR. My telephone bill spiked to 30% higher and they don’t even have a toll free number. More so, I call from my mobile. So, you can imagine what happens when I talk to Customer “CARE” for 45 minutes for 3 days.
4) Even if you are a network engineer (like me), even if you know what the problem is, Sify would “INVESTIGATE” the problem for 4 hours (in day) and 10 hours at night to fix the issue for you.
5) The field engineers would not work at nights. Understood. What about their phones? They don’t work at nights too?? I knew somebody turned off the switch and the connection went out (Somebody in the same area has been switching off to save power). Does it take 10 hours to ask them to Switch on the hub and does it need a so called “INVESTIGATION”.
6) By the time I see the internet connection back up and I check the account, I have exhausted my account and I have to call SIfy again, spendi50 Rs for the call, talk to a crappy agent who takes all your details again and again and he finally gives you a 2 day compensation. Which is 40 Rs. So, what am I getting here????? Brushing up my Spoken English skills???

I wanna pose a few questions to Sify

1) If you promise a customer 24 hour internet, why are the issues taking 10 hours to get resolved.
2) For someone like me, who has trusted sify so much that I have agreed to work from home working at nights, who would pay the lost salary and the pressure that I have undergone from the my employer. Is compensating for a day or 2 fix this??
3) Today, being Friday, closure of business for American for this week, I had to submit my report and it is still pending. By the time, I submit it, it is already the end of the week
4) Also, if I lose my job because of this (Thankfully my employer still counts on me), who will give me a job again.

It would be very unprofessional if people say “We cannot help you”, especially when you are working for a prestigious organization like Sify. Sadly, I heard this from almost all the reps that I talked to. The only people who do not say these words are the people from renewal department. That is so disgraceful. I am so much vexed up with Sify that I have decided to terminate my connection and put up blog against Sify and advise people not to fall for false promises. Let us be realistic. Your apologies and empathy does not pay me. Nor your calls that you are going to make, make me happy. It is time to realize that you have to scale up your customer service skills and improve your business.


Sify, wake up!!! I already told 50 people, who wanted my advice (Since I am a network engg.) on which internet Service provider to go for. I suggested anybody but Sify and I am sure there are more to come. I will put this up in a blog. I will be forwarding the same email to all leading newspapers and consumer forums as well.

Let me reiterate that I do not need any compensation in my account and you can terminate my connection right now!!!! I don’t want to be bothered by Sify again. However, I will make sure that anybody who comes for my advice about getting a connection will hear badly about sify. I have never been rude to any reps when I call. I was disconnected, dropped and hung up a lot of times. Yet, I “HAD” to have the connection.

I can take it no more. You pushed me to my limits of frustration. I just drafted this long mail on behalf of everybody who has been facing issues with Sify, yet they managed to maintain their calm.

Rama Samavedula
Network Engineer
WBS Connect
(866) WBS-CONX
(720) 259 4022 - VoIP
+91-98 661 11489 – Mobile


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