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Nakshatra homes

Posted byJ.Sravan kumar 
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Nakshatra homes
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Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMr.Rishi,Mr.Bobby,Mr.Vipin 
Complaint Details

I had booked for a 60*40 supposed to be Muda approved plot in my wifes name in Parashuramnagar in Mysore through Nakshatra homes at the rate of Rs.350/- per sq.ft. in Feb.2006 by paying Rs.50,000/- as advance and Rs.2,50,000/- in Nov.2006,in the mean while we had been following up with them for registration of our site but every time their reps. used to send us back by giving false assurances.Finally when I started loosing my patience I demanded my money back for which nakshatra homes partner Mr.Rishi told us that they didnot have money to pay us back but again assured us to get the registration done soon.After a long wait still nothing materialised.Now I started getting suspuicious & tensed of loosing my hard earned money (Rs.300,000/-).I then called Mr.Rishi to my home and requested him to offer us some other site which can be registered immidietly for which he offered us a plot in hosur and told that it may cost us a little more than what we had booked for in mysore I agreed to it as I wanted to secure my amount which was already paid by me.He then requested us to introduce few more of my friends for the above project and promised us to give commisssion on those sales,though we didnot take it seriously we did introduce few of our friends out of which 3 cases materialised and we got our plot registered
our two friends got their plots registered at the rate of Rs.435/-per sft and 1 at the rate of Rs.450/- per sft. as far as we were concerned we paid him in cash at the rate of Rs.400/- per sft which he agreed upon and told us that he shall setele our a/c later on.But to our surprise we started getting calls from them saying that we have to pay balance amnt. calculating at the rate of Rs.435/-per sft.We protested for this but to no heed they keep on calling us for the payment. We have got our original sale deed but they have withhold my friends sale deed who got himself registered after us, when asked about the sale deed they are telling him that till my payment comes thay are not going to give the saledeed though he has no outstanding payment.We are feeling totally dejected and harrassed by this act of Nakshatra homes Koramangala

Solution of your complaintMy friends sale deed should be handed over to him and they should stop calling us for any payments. 
ActionI am seriously thinking of draging this co. to consumer court and file for compensation for the interest on my amnt. for the entire period and claim damages for the losses incurred by me as the result of my money been misused by them 
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