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Posted bydr rana singh 
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my daughter and i travelled in two trains, ie ambala to agra via malwa express and between agra to nizammudin by mahakaushal express 2 tier AC; the state of affairs regarding cleanliness was so so abysmal - the coaches were dirty and we had to go and call the safai karamcharis to clean up when malwa stopped at delhi - prior to that there was no safai karamchari on the train. The state of affairs in the toilets was so so disgusting in Mahakaushal express - it starts from jabalpur and goes to nizammuddin - no one to clean the toilets being used by hundreds of passengers!!!!!!!!!!!!! - so so dirty and soo soo disgusting. Have you gone by road between delhi - amritsar ? stop at any of the restaurants on the highway and see how clean they are kept - in fact the more the cleanliness the more the passengers who stop there - if those roadside places can be kept absolutely clean then why not the same with the indian railways??? let them charge only Rs 5 extra per ticket as cleanliness charge and then devote that money towards keeping the place spotless - no one will mind this surcharge and customer satisfaction will increase a hundred fold. I and my daughter have for now at least vowed never to travel by indian railways and i/m sure there will be plenty more like us.  

Solution of your complaint1. charge rs 5 extra per ticket and make sure that this is diverted to the just cause. 2. keep few safai karamcharis in every train and take strict action against those who do no do their job. 3. keep a heavy fine for anyone found littering/ spitting/ dirtying the station/ trains etc.  
Actionkeep complaining on every forum thats possible; make a citizens group regarding the same; complain to the railways minister if reqd. if we can keep our homes clean then why not our railways. 
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