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wal mart

Posted bybrandy Alexander 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
wal mart
Organization e-Mail 
Product/Service Descriptionpahrmacy lossing my perscriptions
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employeekelly bayles, kevin, and kyle 
Complaint Details

for over 10 yeasr i have eused the Wal mart pharmcies at several of the wal mart stores in m yarea Kennewick Wa Paco WA, richland WA. I had continued problems with walmart iin Kennewick on quanilt store #2101i would complain return medication write out complaints outlining total problem nothing was done i take a sezuer medication Lamictal and i can not have this medication altared in any way i must take it exactly as perscribed at the time the consequences for me are dier i end up in the hospital at best worst i have a sexuer at home alone and YES DIE perscriptions and a pharmacy is no place for eresponsable, incompetent, and un trained individulas. This experience has been du;icated at all three stores one of these screw ups sent me to the hospital in critical condition. Who is going to pay for all the time, gas pain, suffering ,fear and terror i go through wondering if Wal mart Pharmacy will get my medication right this time or am I at reick again. Well after 10 years of this i transfered all of my perscriptions to our local small PHARMACY THAT IS ALL THEY DO, AND THEY DELIVER. i ahve never had a problem even when m yinsurance changed The pharmacy takes care of it. When my refills are late my pharmacist get emergency supplies to me so i always have my Lamictal. This pharmacy know the vital link they are in people health. they know the honor or coustomer service. they know the customers and treat all of us wonderfully. I now campaigain veamently against wal mart pharmacy. your pahramcis are a joke and they take no reaponsability fro the lvies of the people they are dealing with. I dont know anyone who takes pills becasue it is fun or they taste good. I take my medication becasue if i dont i can DIE DIE DIE. I dont not understand how wal mart can allow people to jepordize peoples lives and not take any responsability. My last contact with any wal mart pharmacy was Feburary 14th 2007, I do have to go to wal mart becasue of there monoply on certain products and another very horriable incieent jsut reminde me how much wal mart is as joke.
Feburary 15 2008 6:30 evening well after dark I went to wal mart sore 2101 Kennewick WAshington i just wanted to run in and pick up some elastic and titralac transaction 00189 tc#2814-0491-0031-4504-7351 iam not sure what all of this means but if anyone wantedto track this incident they can with this inforamtion. there was a table set up by the door and a large group of 6-8 teenageers were standing around it. they were making a lot of noise and being very disruptive even blocking the entrance i managed t o get by the mess and go into the store. Imade my purcahse and came out. When i came out the kids were still there. I was wearing a heavy long RED SWEATER, RED JOGGING PANTS, WHITE FUR HAT AND BOOTS. ( iwas goinmg to the astronomy observatory to watch stars and the observatory is very cold so I had the warmest things I had) the kids began to taunt me saying " look there goes a fat Santa Clause" i turned around and walked towardthem and said "EXCUSE ME" they all got silent i turned back and headed to my truck half there i turned around and went back to the store. I was scared what was thi group of kids going to do to me once i was clear out in the bakc end ofhte parking lot a full length of a football feild. thsi meant i had to go bakc by them i ran past tem and into the store. the security person at the door said " are you all right. I caught m ybreath and said " no the kids out front were screaming and calling me names. Coulkd you please getthe manager."I continued to try to catch my breath a man came in from outside excaming he was the pastor of the church that the kids were his kids and that they were loud and boaster and happy balongy they were obnoxious and mean. He said "they are good kids and we have permission to be here. He said "i apologize if they did something although I dont believe they said anything they are good kids. I said " you condon the un acceptable behavior. " well they aegood kisd jsut a little loud. I siad " once again you condon this behavior" the manager said iam sorry mam. I could see this was getting me nowhere. So i ran out of the store and straight to my truck . As i got i and lcoked the door here come a man towards my truck needless to say i burned rubber and headed for the observatory. what a night. This jsut a small sample of what is happening to wal mart.
not only has the coutomer service gone to pot but the employees are well gone ot whatever. iworked at wal mart on canal hte first one here it was a great store we wore uniforms and custoemr were number 1 always right. when we got three stores in our area well my complaint says it all.

Solution of your complaintsupervise employes, enforce uniforms, protect custoemrs coming inot the store and leaving the fact that this group had permissin to be were they were is very distrubing. open the doors and jsut allows the hoods to hang out in front of the store dont enconveince the hoods by making them actually chasing people in the parking lot po po let then stand at teh door 
ActionI would love to call the police as id the police said " well nothign really happend" well when something really does happen like a stabbing or robery, or shoot out at the wal mart corral I only hope there arent any children around 
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