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Product/Service DescriptionMAARUTI CAR
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Dear sir,

I am writing this complaint at this late hour only to inform you of the game /poor service/irresponsible answer from your representatives in INDUS MOTORS.

At the beginning of this week your representatives one Mr.Shivkumar and Colleague , called on at my office and sought information regarding the MARUTI VEHICLES. They told that they are making a survey about the MARUTI VEHICLES IN USE.

I have an old MARUTI CAR bought by me second hand from a local person in JUNE 2007 and have been using this car quite comfortably for the last one and years and used to get all minor repairs done through the local mechanics without much trouble.

Your representative had a look at the car and told that you should not get the service done thru local people and you can use the authorized dealers for service. On my saying that you people charge exhorbitantly and simply raise bills, he said that the vehicle will be taken and only after concurrence from the party the work will be done.

When he saw the vehicle , I had told him that a oil leak is found under neath the vehicle and he suggested that THE KALAMASSERY DEALER OFFICE WILL contact and get the estimate done. . For two days your people had been calling and atlast I thought it that I should give the vehicle. Then the vehicle was given to them on 28th instant. The mechanic told that it would get back to me immediately on seeing the vehicle . They called today afternoon and said that some axle has tobe changed.

Since the vehicle was recently serviced by the local mechanic I had told that I should confirm with my local mechanic who had the repairs and I will get back to them. Since my mechanic could not come at that time and I called and conveyed through Mr Shivakumar to see that the vehicle is redelivered tto my house because I needed the vehicle for my next days visits . But from the evening of this day till 10 pm midnight there is no response from the people inspite of repeatedly calling. I had called all the persons connected but no proper response.

I feel that you should make some efforts in sorting out the issues and then only I wll take the vehicle from your place.

Since it is late in the hour I am restricting my narrations. I will give further details tomorrow morning.

P m vaidyanathan vehicle KL 7 W 5868


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