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Reliance Retail Ltd. Reliance Fresh

Posted byLavi Pal Singh 
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Reliance Retail Ltd. Reliance Fresh
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Reason for ComplaintReliability 
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Name of the Company EmployeeRajshekaran S. 
Complaint Details

I am a resident of Chennai and (used to) be a regular shopper at Relaince Fresh - Porur store besides in other areas. I would share my experience & would advise you to be cautious while shopping at this Stores
i) Overcharging –
a.Bill price higher than M.R.P
ii) Schemes by Manufacturer
a.Mentioned on product packaging are not offered at billing counters & communicated that scheme is not valid for Reliance Stores or sometimes you even wont be bothered to take one.
iii) Hot Offers
a.Items shown as hot offers on shelf charged at M.R.P at the billing counters
b. On enquiry, it is communicated that offers are not valid and expired. On complaint the discounted labels bar codes are immediately withdrawn from shelf but to my surprise the same come back the next day. I have specially observed this
c. While announcements are underway, the consumers are told at exit that special gift offer was valid till stock last. While actually consumers are still shopping due to high value purchase required.

iv) Multiple billing
a. Single item billed twice as the counter guy uses the gun twice very fast without consumer coming to know.

In the past, I have caught Reliance 7 times out of 11 times shopped at these stores (post I started noting these & catching Reliance store guys playing this gimmicks)

On each instance Shop supervisor or Manager advised me not to complaint at Reliance office & they would take necessary actions.

For my purchase of 2nd March 08, on insistence that I would like to make a formal complaint (as it was becoming consistent), the following was observed.
a)No customer complaint Form at any of your stores,
b)In name of customer complaint register they have a simple register which is mutilated, and kept at back room locked, which I believe no one reads
c) On insisting for where to make complaints they hand you a feedback form which has to handed back over to the same supervisor with no assurance that same would be reported.

Mr. Rajshekaran S. – Area Manger for the store was shameless and rude and kept smiling while all the discrepancies were shown to him. I challenged him that as always I can show him lots of items where shelf Hot offers or price stickers don’t match with the billing price at counter. He agreed that it is common with all Reliance Fresh stores across and is part of company Policy and he is helpless in this.
It seems that during training, they are advised to work this to increase their revenue . It is part of the training module for increasing revenues.It happens as no consumer is bothered to notice that at billing and just want to buy and leave then bother what he is paying for.
On being asked if he felt ashamed for cheating consumers, his views was he felt so working for this company. He also refused initially to give Mumbai office address but on much insistence advised one of his juniors to do so.

This note is for all who shop at Reliance Fresh stores.

Solution of your complaintCorrection in Retail procedures 
ActionStop Shopping with this store 
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