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M/s Bimal Auto ( Maruthi dealer)

Posted byN GANAPATHI  
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
M/s Bimal Auto ( Maruthi dealer)
Product/Service Description Product Maruthi 800 A/c, Order / Inv SOB 07004139 dt 15.12.07
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employee sales man Mr Anand and team leader Mr Anand General Manager Mr Sanjay Singh 
Complaint Details

I N Ganapathi ( visited Bimal Auto which is in White Field Road Bangalore , thinking that it is one of the model workshop and showroom of Maruthy udyog on 15.12.07 for taking quatation for a Maruthi 800 A/C car. After entering inside the showroom found one bright red maruthy 800 A/C car was parked as Bimal edition car i.e means the standard Maruthy 800 A/C car was modified by painting and fitting some of the extra spare parts like Magwills, front & rear bumber running board, half doors painting, extra seat covers etc.
Any how at first site I as a customer got attracted towards that car, So i approached a sales person Mr Anand & spare parts dealing person Mr Raghu i asked them total price of that particualr car. The spare parts person told me that we are fitted spare parts worth of Rs 41000/-plus whatever standard cost of the company for Maruthy 800 A/C car. Then i requested him spare parts person please put it down in writing what are the spare parts fitted in the car. Then he brought order Bimal Auto order form sl No. 6532 dt 15-12-07 and listed the items then i requested him to split the price as per the individual parts. Unfortunately he could not arrive upto Rs 41000/- . Then he agreed for Rs 37000/-.
Finally i asked him is this car is finished conditions ? If i book this car can u deliver the same car to me? Sales man and spare parts dealing person both are agreed for that, on the basis of that i started bargaining for the spare parts, I cancelled toughlong coating and under chasis and anticorruption coating which were not carried out on that car . Finally we have amicably arrived to Rs 28600/- for spare parts plus standart cost .
Approached reliance finance money was paid on 31-12-07 as per the reliance capital letter dt 04-01-2008. Delivery date was fixed on 14 jan 2008. I opted for selected number and got it return in Customer Order / Commitment Form Sl No. 4175 they promised me sir it may cost u atleast Rs 4000/- extra for getting selected number i agreed for that then they told me when we take the vehicle to RTO Office for registration we will give u advance information so that u can come and choose your number. On 13th i got a call saying that the RTO Office is closed on 14th Jan 2008 for a pongal so vehicle cannot be delivered on 14th Jan, hence another date was fixed i.e 18-01-08 . In the mean time the sales man took leave for celebrating his birthday so another person took the car to RTO, got it registered without informing to me . On 18-01-08 morning i went to workshop to see the car thinking that evening i can take the delivery that time only i came to know the car was already registered and the engine number was not matching to the car which i have selected that means they have changed the car. Then i lost interest not taken the vehicle delivery till today, lodge a complaint Maruthy Udyog complaint No. 564865 dt 31-01-08 received by Mr Azar. Then one day i met GM of Bimal Shri Sanjay singh he promised me i will try to change the number if u are agreed to take the car. They called 18-02-08 for delivery, when i went to showroom the car number plates were missing the sales man told me u can take the car without number plate as u paid the road tax, the number will be changed later on i have not agreed for that . After two weeks team leader Mr Anand he called me and told the car is already registered on your name now nothing can be done, you please take the car. Where as i was expecting some reply from GM which i never got , so as on today 04-03-08 my car is with Bimal Auto . I am paying my installment with interest.

Solution of your complaintI feel because of my bargain for spare parts they have fitted subsstandard spare parts in another car and prepared the car for delivery. Hence now i prepared to go for a standard fiiting vehicle without any addition spareparts. So i want totally another vehicle because the vehicle which attracted me was not delivered to as per their promise.  
ActionResort to TV 9 are consumer code  
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