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Posted bySaty SK jayanty 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionEmirates - hassle cause during a return journey from India to UK
Warranty StatusDo not know.
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Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeWhole Emirates 
Complaint Details

With reference to the above I would like to launch a complaint against your office due to the hassle and tension caused me on 30th November 2007 at Hyderabad, India airport. Going into further details with the above booking reference myself and my friend Ms. Catherine Burrows have booked tickets from Glasgow – Dubai – Hyderabad on 21st November 2007 with a return journey on 01st December 2007.
During the first leg of journey we have been confronted by your employee at Dubai airport stating they can’t let us into the flight towards Hyderabad on Flight EK526 where the status on board was still shown as ‘last call’. At that point of time the first leg of our journey started late by your flight EK026 on 21st November 2007 from Glasgow International to Dubai airport, though we could manage to sprint towards gate number 13 to board the EK526 flight to Hyderabad. At the gate after a lengthy debate the concerned manager had let us to board the flight stating the luggage will not be able to tag along with the same flight and will be delivered on next available flight. At this juncture we have agreed to board the flight EK526 as there was no point in waiting more than 24 hours to take second leg of our journey to Hyderabad.
As usual on 30th November 2007 morning at Hyderabad I have logged on to the Skywards website to perform an online check-in where I have found that such facility is not available from India, even at that point I can confirm that my booking with return journey from Hyderabad – Dubai – Manchester was still visible on the Emirates website. According to the airport check-in regulations we were present at Hyderabad check-in desk at 00:00 hours 01st December 2007 (IST) and this is where the initial hassle has begun, to our surprise we were told by the check-in support lady that your system has no booking on our names. I have been referred to the Emirates Customer Services Manager Mr. Shekar and the behavior by that concerned individual was utterly disappointing, he talked that all my booking was cancelled by my travel agent and I was never told. Immediately I have contacted my travel agent in United Kingdom Mr. Pramod Khandala from Khandala travels from Hyderabad airport and he confirmed that someone from Emirates has deliberately cancelled my return journey booking on 22nd November 2007 stating “NO SHOW” for the journey dated 01st December 2007! To this affect I have obtained a copy of such reference and attaching the same for further consultation.
At this point the whole journey plan of my family was in jeopardy as my wife & 2 kids (aged 7 & 5) were booked for the same flight towards return journey to UK, although our final destination of journey was not Manchester and it is Glasgow. During those early hours of 01st December 2007 again after a lengthy debate and much discussion with your employee at Hyderabad airport I have been asked to stand in the queue from 00:00 hours till 03:30 hours where the flight was scheduled to leave at 04:15 hours IST from Hyderabad to Dubai. In order to know the facts I have to be in constant touch with my Travel Agent and incurred nearly GBP 90 (Ninty UK pounds) and much of tension, at this point of time my travel confirmed the same fact that my booking was cancelled deliberately (manually) from the system and he hasn’t been informed for such changes from Emirates.
What I wanted to explain is after all your advertisement of “years of quality and excellence in the customer service” we have been kept aside and dark during our return journey, that caused much of tension and blood pressure during the early hours of 01st December 2007. This is an absolute disappointment and disgrace for the customers traveling with your carrier, my opinion in using Emirates has been changed until I’m assured.
None of your employees were helpful and even not bothered to explain me why the return journey booking was cancelled. All the service I have got is an utter arrogance and inferior quality of service from Emirates that caused much of disappointment and incurred monetary expenditure when there was no fault or miss-communication from my side after purchasing a full ticket for my journey.
This is for your information and immediate action.

Solution of your complaintImmediate contact from Emirates in India 
ActionWritten explanation of such a mess from Emirates 
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