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Posted byVivek Modi 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionDAMAGE BAGGAGE
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintSafety 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMR. C.P.YADAV, MS. SHILPA MAKHIJA 
Complaint Details


This is to inform you that I have had a very very poor experience with your airline Go-Air on 10th March 2008 en route from Hyderabad to Mumbai, Flight No. G8-371. I had never expected such things from an airline like this and have no choice but to send across the grievance in written to you, so that there can be some necessary step taken regarding the same. I would like to mention the entire flow of event below:

After landing into Mumbai approximately 2 Hrs. later than the scheduled arrival I had to wait at the baggage belt for around 15-20 minutes for my baggage. After 20 Minutes when the baggage arrived I was surprised to find my suitcase badly damaged (broken). I started looking for an official representative from the airline and I found Ms. Komal Davda (CSE) in the vicinity. I asked her for help to which she responded firmly by saying that the airline can compensate to this by paying in cash Rs.150 in lieu of damage done to the baggage. I was surprised to know, that, for a baggage which is worth Rs.1,500 and is completely damaged and is in irreparable condition, I am offered a paltry sum of Rs.150. I asked her to take me to the duty manager. She took me to the Duty Manager in charge Ms. Shilpa Makhija at the departure terminal. I spoke to her about this, to which she started bargaining and said that she can pay back not more than Rs.300 for this damage. She tried to convince me that the baggage can be repaired and the amount she is offering is adequate for the damage that ahs been done although she could see and understand very well that the baggage is completely damaged and cannot be repaired at any cost. After a long argument, I asked her to call the Airport Manager for Go-Air to speak for the same. She called Mr. C.P.Yadav who is the airport manager for your airline at the MIAL. He agreed to the fact that the baggage is completely damaged and cannot be repaired and offered me Rs.500 as the compensation for the same. I was surprised to know that a person who is literate and understands that a baggage has been damaged and cannot be repaired is offering a compensation which is completely unexpected and unacceptable at the same time. There was an hour long argument on the same. I had asked him to take up any of the three options provided by me, which are as follows:

- Either take my baggage and repair it and give back within a week/fortnight
- Or, get a same suitcase or similar suitcase, irrespective of what cost it is, within a week/fortnight
- Or, pay me compensation not less than Rs.1000.

Mr. Yadav did not agree to any of the options given and was not ready to help me with anything at that point in time apart from a Rs.500 compensation that he had been repeating for over an hour. I proposed to complain about this disregard to a passenger to the Airport Authority of India Ltd. to which he agreed and asked me to go ahead with it. Before leaving he asked the CSE’s to fill up a DBR Report with a file No. DBRG8. My PNR for the flight ticket was SKVEIN and the baggage number was G81853322.

Now the entire idea behind writing the entire story is to inform you of the ill treatment that has been rendered to a regular passenger of your airline. I was informed by the airline staff to send a mail across to this department I order to look for a proper compensation. I believe my complaint will be taken care of and a proper response will be given back to sort the matter out.

I would request you to kindly get back to me with a response as soon as possible regarding the same and compensate me in the best possible manner. I have enough proofs and documents to substantiate the entry trail of events that took place over the 9hrs battle that happened with Go-Air since morning 8 to evening 5 on 10th March 2008

Solution of your complaintAn adequate compensation 
ActionLodge a complaint against the airline at the Consumer Court 
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