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Eye & Ear Care Centre

Posted byAjay Mehrotra 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Eye & Ear Care Centre
Product/Service DescriptionLaptop V3335 TU
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintProduct Durability 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeMany time - Each different 
Complaint Details

Please refer our COMPLAINT with regards to the LAPTOP Model V3335, S. No. 2CE7180QF8 purchased by me on 18th June 2008.

Sir, since the day I had purchased this piece, I was not satisfied. I had to make several complaints to the Service Centre. Few were done immediately, with certain adjustments and promises. The persons in the centre tried their best to satisfy me, but sometimes they also failed, due to certain manufacturing defects, and the same thing happened with my piece of this Lap top.

The Service centre also changed the Vista software to XP, as once another file was transferred while doing an e-mail, which no one is able to understand how it happened, and I still have the proof for that.

I place before you TWO of my complaints out of certain more, done earlier, as I do not have other Complaints No.:

1. Complaint No. 935 made on 7.2.08 and the Comp.Id 2216782367, where the DVD drive was replaced for the Second time, after the Laptop was with the Centre till 13.2.08. The first was replaced in Dec, most probably.
2. Complaint No. 1032 made on 28.2.08 and the Comp. Id 2217093205, where the Mother Board was replaced, after the Laptop was with the Centre till 3.3.08.
3. I am sorry to state that within a short span of only THREE days, the same situation has occurred, which was on 28.2.08, when the Mother Board was being changed. It seems that the Mother Board has again been damaged.

Just think, a NEW LAPTOP purchased for around Rs.45,000.00 has been visiting the Service Centre for so many times, within 8 short months and the DVD drive replaced TWICE, Mother Board replaced and even the Software replaced, which is being claimed by the organization.

I am also forwarding a reply from the Service Call made by me with regards to the complaint made at the Toll Free no. on 14th, after trying to contact the call no, several times. I am also forwarding a Copy of Complaint lodged earlier.

I will be highly obliged, if you help me out to get this piece REPLACED, as you would also understand my position. I do not wish to quote, but believe me, that I had to suffer a great loss due to these problems, as my total business depends on a Laptop, for programming a DIGITAL HEARING AID, as We are EXCLUSIVE Dealers for an International Brand- ELKON HEARING AIDS, in UTTRAKHAND and I had to purchase a new Laptop on 6th recently, to continue my further loss and work for my lively hood.

I have no intention to claim for my losses, instead I am even ready to Upgrade, though, not with a very huge amount, as per the negotiations with you or any Authorised Representative of HP.I have even been told by one of your team members of HP, (the name of whom I shall not disclose), that this model has some problems.

I am confident of your valuable support, as I have felt, that the HP team is very prompt in responding

Thanking you,

Ajay Mehrotra
Eye & Ear Care Centre,
6, Cross Road, DEHRADUN
Ph. 9412059326, 9927059326

Encl: E Mail Recd from HP after lodging a Complaint

FR: dhiraj_verma

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