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Sachin Maruti Jadhav

Posted bySachin M Jadhav 
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Sachin Maruti Jadhav
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ICICI had purchased the property at Ratanagiri, Shivaji Nagar, Village Zadgaon.
The name of the developer is Mr. Abhay Mahendra Jain for Padmavati Conatruction.
Now their is court case bet us i.e "Shree Shreshtra Sevashram Rantagiri (Mumbai)" and "Mr. Abhay Mahendra Jain".
The complaint is for the IOD (Building Approval). The developer had issuied forgly two different building permissions. One to Show the banks & peoples who wants to purchase the flats. And another IOD contains the Condition that the responsibility of the court case is with the developer.
I have both the IODs with me. We had launch the complaint against the developer and the pervious Chief Officer, Ratanagiri Nagar Parishad. Also Mr. Abhay Mahendra Jain had given written undertaking in the Mumbai High Court that he will inform the purchasers that if he lost the case against "Shree Shreshtra Sevashram Rantagiri (Mumbai)" then he will demolish everything and will hand over the peaseful possission to "Shree Shreshtra Sevashram Rantagiri (Mumbai)".
Now I would like to have the meeting with your leagal adviser about the above said matter.
I will also call our legal advisor for the meeting with you. We have all the proofs whatever I had said above.
My Self is "Sachin Maruti Jadhav" I am Architect too. That is why I know everything.
Please contact me at my mobile no. 9967530947 or mail me at "106/Ganesh Gaurav CHS Ltd, Ganesh Chowk, Charkop Sector 3, Mumabi 400 063. 

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