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Anjappar Restaurant,Ashok Nagar,Chennai

Posted byRadha 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Anjappar Restaurant,Ashok Nagar,Chennai
Product/Service DescriptionTreatment of customers
Warranty Status
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating10(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeRaviKumar 
Complaint Details

We have visited the restaurant Anjappar Today(Ashok nagar branch) afternoon for lunch( 1-2.30 Pm).We all occupied the first floor eight seater table which is on the extreme right of the room as you enter.We are all software professionals working for MNC.

Totally 8 girls visited the restaurant.We have ordered the food and having chit chat with other.Our food arrived and we were having the same.In the mean time one Mr.Ravi kumar from the hotel came in to the picture and suddenly told us we are talking in high notes and asked us to stop talking.Actually the AC is off and the sound what we spoke echoed.The acoustics was really bad.We all looked each other and surprised to know we spoke in high tone.After that we all maintained silent still the room had lot other noises.(like baby crying,Other people having chat with each other).It was not silent at all.

From that minute onwards he was looking to our table all along.

We were almost to the end of the lunch and waiting for our desserts at that time he interfered again and told us to reduce our noise.This time it was told in a entirely different body language with hands pointing to us and face with extremely aggressive shades.Since he was entirely aggressive we put him a word that this not the way to behave with the customers.He was going on shouting on us.After that we thought of cancelling the desserts and leave the place by paying the bills for rest of the items.But he shouted us saying we cannot cancel the orders and asked us to leave by paying the bills, "whether to eat the desserts or not its upto to you but pay the bill for the entire etc".

Literally he was unethical from then onwards.When we thought of talking to the Restaurant manager and asked to call him nobody responded properly.They told he will he will come like that.Since we have to pay bill for deserts we thought of eating the same.In the mean time Mr.Ravikumar gone down and spoke with somebody out there down to prepare them for the issue.
Finally our bill arrived and we have decided to pay the bill once manager arrives but he never arrived.So we thought of taking the bill and and go downstairs to visit him.Once we started moving downstairs Mr.Ravikumar Closed the door of first floor in a hard way symbolically saying we should not visit again and literally shouted also.

When we came down and asked for Manager they told that he is not available and gone for EB office.(i believe this is a lie).When we were telling the people at the cash counter about our experiences they started scolding like whether we are girls? We dont want a customer like this ..dont visit the restaurant again pay the bill and go etc etc.We were literally bogged down by their unprofessional behaviour towards customer.Almost in some minutes if we would not have come out by paying the bills for the entire amount they would have mishandled us.

Especially since we are all girls they took advantage of the fact and treated us REALLY VERY BAD!!!

We have gone for a treat and went in a mood of celebration unfortunately it gave us bad customer experience and bad memories.Kindly please look into the issue and take it to the attention of the concerned people.I Suspect this Ravikumar is the manager for the restaurant chain because when we called and asked for the manager number to other restaurant for highlighting the incident we have been given a mobile number who is named as ravi.Please do something for the mental stress and agony and humiliation caused by him. 

Solution of your complaintTeaching ethics to the people who are employed there 
ActionWe have decided not to visit the restaurant again so its immaterial!! 
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