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American Home Shield (AHS)

Posted byStephanie Ettenger 
Organization / Product Details
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American Home Shield (AHS)
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Product/Service DescriptionHome Warranty
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Reason for ComplaintReliability 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeAutomated 
Complaint Details

I recently bought a home and the seller purchased a 1 year home warranty through AHS. One week after I moved in my basement flooded. I called AHS and they contracted a plumber - who came out twice and could not find the problem. I called a plumber from the phone book - who immediately resolved the problem (at a cost of $280.00). That was my first experience with AHS - their contracted service people did nothing to help and it cost me $50 just for them to come out to my house and tell me they could not help me.
THEN.....3 months later, my oven broke (which was the last week in November). I called AHS - they contracted a service man to come out 1 week later. I paid $50 for him to come diagnose the problem...he had to order a part which took 2 weeks to come in. ( The service company only serviced calls until 3:00pm on weekdays only - so this meant I had to take a 1/2 day off of work each time they came!) Anyway....he came out 2 weeks later to install a part - it did not work. He ordered another part and once again I had to wait 2 weeks. After installing that part - the oven still would not work. He told me he called AHS and they insisted he try installing a different part. Once AGAIN - I had to wait 8 days for the part to come in. I have now missed a total of 10 hours of work and the part he ordered still did not work. I have been without an oven for almost 2 months now. AHS contacted a completely different service company and wants me to pay them $50 to come out and get a 2nd opinion. I have talked to this service man 3 times now within a week and a 1/2 - he keeps promising to call me back and get this resolved. Every time I speak with him he acts as if he doesnt remember me! I spoke with him today and he says that AHS will only pay $300 in parts that were replaced. HOWEVER, the replacement parts did not work and I am still without an oven!!! In the home warrantly states that AHS will replace a unit if it was "unfixable". They are now saying they dont do that. I am my wits end! 

Solution of your complaintAn oven that works! 
ActionI will speak with my attorney about a suit against AHS. For time missed from work, incompetence and not complying with their contract. 
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