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the manufacturer of Head Protector tennis racquet

Posted byErlich Barraquias 
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the manufacturer of Head Protector tennis racquet
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Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
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Complaint Details

I bought a tennis racquet ( Head Protector -brand) from a local sports store Tobys. Within the period of the 1 year warranty, it developed a crack near the throat. Unfortunately, I emailed a wrong store, Holabird Sports 9220 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, Maryland on Jan. 8, 2008 the day the crack was discovered. All along I thought it is the manufacturer of Head racquets only to be adviced to report the matter to the store who sold the item to me. After the one year warranty period to report the matter, I was refused by local distributor in the Philippines because I reported the matter late. My understanding of the prescriptive period of 1 year is the warranty on the quality of the product , that is , the said Head Protector has not developed any quality problem within the period from purchase. In my case before the one year period lapsed , it developed a crack WITHIN THE ONE YEAR PERIOD and was reported to Holabird Sports , as evidenced by an email which was responded to by Holabird Sports on Jan. 8, 2008 15:46:44-0500 and addressed to me at my emal address ( I faulted for reporting it late to Tobys Sports but the crack in the racquet was BEFORE the one year warranty period.

Solution of your complaintEither I be refunded with my Php 18,000.00 ( Philippine pesos) or be replaced with another racquet of the same brand. I like the racquet because it has an anti-tennis elbow gadget embedded in the racquet handle ( computerized , the ad says). 
ActionI will continue addressing the issue in a public forum so that other tennis pros will try to avoid buying a head racquet and that this reputable manufacturer produces products below the required quality. 
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