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i, own landline BSNL Telephone No.2500701. I am having excess billing problem sine long time. I am continuously in follow up with the BSNL, Virar Exchange,. But my probem was not solved by BSNL. Then also I am regularly paying my telephone bills & I have never defaulted my payments.

Now I did not got my bill for the period 01-01-2008 to 29-02-2008 & I came to know about this only when my outgoing calls were disconnected. Any how i managed to get the duplicate bill from BSNL Website. I am surprised to my bill amount of Rs. 12224/ - for the period 01-01-2008 to 29-02-2008. My telephone is not of business use & is of only residential use. More than that day time nobody is using my telephone since day time nobody is staying at my residence and other times also I am mostly using my mobile phone for making calls since it is very cheap. I am shocked to see such a huge bill.

I wrote to BSNL for callwise details of the bill. But even after 3-4 visits to the BSNL Virar exchsnge. I am unable to get the copy of the details of my bil & BSNL Virar exchnge is behaving very rudely. They are not at all co-operating with me. So I am thinking BSNL is playing some mischief with me. More than that now my incoming calls are also disconnected for none of my mistake.

Please help to get required information from BSNL Virar exchange & to restore my Telephone connection.


Solution of your complaintFirst of all I want call wise details of my bill. Secondly I am confident that such a hge bill is not of my & definitly there is some mistake by BSNL 
ActionI am not going to pay the bill & i will switch over to other telephone service provider. 
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