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Posted byT. V. C Pandit 
Organization / Product Details
Organization Name
Product/Service DescriptionModel LF-690
Warranty StatusUnder Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintCustomer Service 
Complaint Rating1(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company Employee
Complaint Details

I had purchased KENSTAR washing machine, Model no. LF690 from M/s. SHUBHAM, Mysore Tax invoice no. 425 dated 30.12.2007. The washing machine was under warranty of 2 years.
Initially machine was not been used much, as My father had to hospitalised in Bangalore for couple of months..And we started using it regularly in the month of Mar -08, we noticed that the machine was simply filling the tub with water and the clothes are neither getting washed nor dried up. So I lodged first complaint (1600095363) on april 19 . Upon lodging the compliant though I received a complaint number. The techincian came only on 5 -May -08. Though the company promises complaints would be serviced within 24 hrs. In this case the Technician comes after 16 days!! This is ridiculos..Please imagine the amount of time and effort put inbetween by us to be albe to have it seen by a techician in the mean time.
Then Kenstar technician came had a look at the machins and said some valve like part has gone bad , he would check for its availibility and let us know the next day...Days passed by but there was no call from the technician about the replacement. After a lot of follow up with the service center Now we are told that the part has to come from Aurangabad and it would take another 10 days or so!!!...In my opinion this reflects the callous attitude of the top management of such a company..It is a sure sign of something rotting in the organization.. Also I would like to say Nobody (Shubam nor Kenstar service) seems to care about getting the washing Machine fixed. I would also hold Shubam responsible for our current plight as it was them who suggested this washing machine to our favourite choice of Samsung and also make us come to their showroom in VV Mohalla numerous times promising an replacement and not keeping up the promise. Now after seeing so many complaints with Kenstar washing machine over the web, we are not sure if our plight is going to continue with different troubles with the washing machine even after fixing this complaint. or may be The state of washing machine is going to continue as we dont have hope of Kenstar service center attending to the complaint anytime soon... 

Solution of your complaint1) Kenstar should uphold the service level agreement and attend call withing 24 hrs if they promise to do so. 2) Kenstar should do everything to increase the level of professionalism with its customers service division else the company would anyway have no future. one good practices could be for: There should be some stipulated amount of time assigned for every complaint to be closed. 3) There should be proper escalation matrix in place..If the service center takes unreasonalbe time , customes should know whom to approach. 
ActionI would not hesitate to approach consumer forum if we dont get a early closure on this for Kenstar...I will also start an email thread warning others about Kenstar product. 
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