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Tata Indicom

Posted byNeelam Bhonsle 
Organization / Product Details
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Tata Indicom
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Product/Service DescriptionTata Indicom Broadband internet connection plan Power On & On 12-256 + Free Router
Warranty StatusNot Under Warranty.
Complaint Details
Reason for ComplaintUsability 
Complaint Rating9(in a scale of 1 to 10)
Name of the Company EmployeeAshwini Varkat 
Complaint Details

>I have been using internet connection since 1990 via mtnl using the modem. Initially it was mainly being used by children in my house for surfing the net.

>Then my wife joined DATAMATICs, which provides data entry work for housewives.
She has to download the work files from the internet, complete the job and send it back within a stipulated time period. If there is any delay, it directly affects her payment for the job done. Since, 24/7 connective and download speed, both were required, we shifted service provider and started using broadband connection via private cable operator.

>Initial response and service was good, but after 3-4 months, we started facing connectivity issues which continued for a year and half. Finally tired of constant issues, after much research, we decided to shift the service providers to ‘Tata Indicom’, since we thought TATA was synonymous to customer satisfaction and atleast here we would get better service even though we would have to pay almost 50% more money. But we accepted the fact that we would need to pay more to get better service.

>We initially started with Surf Power 6000 BroadBand plan for 6 months – limited 6000 MB data transfer. (Rs. 3944 – refer Annexure a).

>Even here initially service was decent, but the since my wife’s job involved huge data downloads, we used up 6000 MD within 2-3 months and hence switched to Power On & On12-256, which was highly publicized and offered unlimited broadband hours and data transfer for 12 months for Rs. 11461 (refer annexure b). And one more attractive offer with this at that time was a free router along with this plan. Since we already have one more PC in our house, this would have ensure connectivity to the other PC as well.
We renewed this plan on 16th Feb 2008. Refering to the installation confirmation report attached (annexure c), (enquiry no. 1410526711 – Customer copy 016219), pack was renewed by Sadguru Broadnet Services, but router was not installed since it was faulty. We were told, that it would be replaced/corrected later. Till date (3 months), we haven’t got the replacement. When we call up Tata Indicom Customer service, we got rude responses saying that they are not responsible for the router and that it was vendor’s responsibility – where as the vendor says it was Tata Indicom responsibility. We had made signed up for this plan with Tata Indicom and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your promises are met by your vendors. But that has not happened.

>Since the day we switched the plan, the internet connectivity has been absolutely poor.
Dates when connectivity has NOT been there at all :
17th to 22nd Feb 2008
18th April to 24th April 2008
2nd May to till Date

>Refer to the dates highlighted in the annexure d, which indicates dates on which we have not been able to download anything.

>We have complained numerous times to customer service centre, but things have just not improved. Since 2nd May till date (almost 20 days) we are without internet connection – where in we have paid for complete one year. We have asked for contact numbers to whom we can escalate our complaints, but we have NOT GOT ONE SINGLE number from your customer service. In fact I abhor calling it CUTOMER SERVICE. I have completely lost faith in the brand name of ‘TATA’.

>After calling up a lot of places, we got contact number of Ashwini Vartak, nodal officer, Mumbai. (9223461517/67250812). She had promised us to look into the issue and resolve it, but its been 10 days, with no improvement. We haven’t received and follow up calls from her and now she doesn’t even answer our phone calls.

> Till today my connectivity has not been restored, nor is my router replaced. 

Solution of your complainta. Getting my connectivity up and working asap b. Reimbursing me either in cash or kind (extension of my existing plan validity by 4 months of today) against loss of connectivity against all the days mentioned in addition to our loss of my wife’s income due to unavailability of your internet connection. c. Getting my router replaced.  
ActionNot decided as of now. Worst go to court. 
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