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Balance Reduction Without Usage

I am user of Airtel Pre-paid Cellular Service, no being - 9960255169. I use two nos. Extensively use the reliance & Airtel is mostly used for incoming so there is hardly any usage.
My balance was reduced from Rs 130-140 to 23 paise for absolutely no reason in the month of Feb (2008). This event took place between 20th - 25th Feb.
1. On 29th of feb itself I visited the local authorized Airtel outlet & they asked me to come the next day.
2. On being there the next day (1st of March) I learnt there was no electricity. So I was again asked to come later.
3. 3rd of March – The most common excuse – “System is slow”. So I left my number in the complaint register & ask them to get back to me when they have time!
4. 9th of March I get a call from the local office of Airtel informing me that I had used my no which explains the reduction in balance. On asking them the reason they said “it is not being reflected in the system!” Then how the hell on this earth do you know that I have used my no! I enforced the question firmly to them again “May I know the reason for the reduction in my balance?” & they said they would call me in 15 mins. It has been 3 months those 15 mins haven’t arrived!
5. During the same period I was making calls to register my complaint on the 121 (customer care). Airtel has put a limitation on the no of calls that would answered by an Airtel executive (I guess it is 25 calls/month). My whole 25 calls got exhausted but I didn’t get an reply from them.
6. Another problem is “query by sms” where you have to mention your problem via a sms! Again my question remained unanswered.
7. In the month of April I had lodged approximately 8 complaints. All executives told me that my problem would be solved in 48 hrs but those 48 hrs never arrived in the same month.
8. Now this was getting on my nerves so I really started to press the issue. THE AIRTEL CUSTOMER SERVICE IS WORSE THAN THE WORST THIRD GRADE LEVEL CUSTOMER SERVICE OF AN ORDINARY C-CLASS CO! Not only they lack responsibility & commitment but they are utterly shameless & manner less. On many occasions they asked to wait for 30 seconds & didn’t reply till 15 minutes. But I had nerves of steel & decided no matter what I want an answer! So used to switch the phone to speakerphone mode & continue my work. These customer care executives used to check every 3-4 minutes hoping that I disconnected but I didn’t & in the end they are shameless enough to cut the call. This happened 5-6 times. They also fooled me by saying they are transferring the call to higher authority, the call never got transferred to any person but IVR! In the month of MAY I had made roughly 10 complaints, complaint Nos being:

i. 3041209784600 – I was told. Mistake from their end Amount would be credited to my account in 48 hrs.

ii. 3042301779000 – On calling after 4 days I was told. Mistake from their end Amount would be credited to my account in 48 hrs.

iii. 3042618447100 – On calling after 3 days I was told. Mistake from their end Amount would be credited to my account in 48 hrs.

iv. 3042487264840 – After a couple of days again the same story.

v. 3050227703300 – Same old story of 48 hrs.

840 hrs passed but I didn’t receive the credit.

vi. 305189077586 – If you notice this complaint no is a digit shorter. So I asked them the reason. They told me it is short because it was being forwarded by a higher authority (At least by someone above the executives who receive the customer calls)

The executives whom I spoke to were Mr Balaji, Naamnath, Satish, Ruksan & Raj Kohli (last 5 calls, 1st I didn’t record).

This time I was sure my problem would be solved. And could you guess what answer did I receive? Everything has been deleted from the system because they maintain records only of the last 3 months & they suggested me that I should have lodged a complaint earlier! I am not making stories but speaking the facts. I have mentioned my no above. Also mentioned are the complaint nos. All facts are recorded!

If you don’t have the records of more than the past 3 months solve problems in an acceptable time period. Even now in the records there would be previous months complaints mentioning that I rebate has to be given to me. When the decision of rebate has already been taken then why is there a need to check the records of feb again! & even incase there is it is due to inefficiency in your system that you can’t check it.


Solution of your complaintGetting a rebate & a compensation 
ActionI have already diverted more than 10 of their potential clients. I required 40+ phones for my company, it could have been Airtel but that wasnt the case. Blogs to make sure that all get to know about these unfair giants. But this is just the begining in a few days time I would be contacting CNBC Awaaz.  
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