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Posted bySooraj Harry 
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Product/Service DescriptionPost paid connection
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Complaint Details

I purchased a new postpaid SIM card (90000 22240) from your Begumpet Relationship Center in Hyderabad on the 5th of June 2008. I was assured that the services would be activated within 24 hours by your executive Mr.Laxman. But unfortunately the services were not actvated by the end of day 6th. On contacting Mr. Laxman I was informed that Airtel was not functioning on the 6th of June as it was a All India Hartal. A small note on that point- I also work in Hyderabad and practically all offices in Hyderabad were working at full strength regardless of the All India Hartal. Getting back to the point – the services were not activated on the 7th till evening. I made a call to 121 and I was informed that the details have not yet been logged. I called MR. Laxman again and got an assurance that he would do the needful and that the services would be activated in an hours time. But nothing happened and the best part was that Mr. Laxman’s mobile was switched off for the next few hours. Finally I got through to him and got the services activated by 7th evening. Did my woes end there??? Never… it was just the beginning of a long journey that is not yet over and from the looks of it is going to be more longer….

Though my services were activated I was unable to receive calls from networks other than Airtel. I called up 121 and informed them about my issue on 9th of June. Ref no- 696703582… that’s all that I got and a request to rate the performance of the service executive… the answer I got was that there is an issue with the 9000 series and they are sorting it out and will be done by tomorrow(this seems to be the magical word for the customer service executives out there in Airtel). Anyway nothing happens. Ref no- 697845799 that’s for the 11th of June. I get a big surprise now.. the executive tells me that I should put the SIM card in another handset and see if it works.. they are not willing to listen to anythgn until I do that…. Agreed.. I change handsets and still there is no change… So I call 121 again.. Ref no-17061544 – i get the shocker I am told that it’s a server problem and that I have to wait till 17th of June 5:00pm for Airtel to get back to me and tell me what the problem is.. I need to wait for a week to get my phone working.. that sounds interesting and Airtel claims to be in the service industry.. better pick up some old marketing books by one Mr. Philip Kotler and try understanding the basics of Service Industry… I wait patiently till the 13th and then give one more call to 121.. no luck my complaint has been registered, its been escalated, its gone here, its gone there… that’s all I get and absolutely no solutions… I speak to one of the Team Leads.. and the person takes my alternate number and assures me that it will be rectified by evening and that they will give me a call on the alternate number in case they need to reach me… Wow.. and nothing happens… that was Ref no-699344524. Finally I give a call on the 16th and they tell me that they have done what they are supposed to do and for any issues I can go to the Airtel office in Hyderabad… Thankyou… so will this be sorted???

And when Airtel knows that they have a glitch and problem in their system why are you selling this defective series numbers through your outlets?? Who is going to take responsibility of the losses that I have encountered? Who is going to pay the additional amount in my bill because I have to call people as they cannot reach me??? Will Airtel do that for me?? Will Laxman who provided the number and the Sim card do that? Will the 121 executives do that???

Yes Communication does break barriers… but please let me communicate first….

Solution of your complaintSort the issue... ensure that Airtel does not sell connections which have technical issues... ensure that these kind of issues are resolved in minimal time not in 10 days.... 
ActionDiscontinue the use... not pay up pending bill amount.. proceed to Consumer forum for refund of the amount i have paid for the connection.. and for the losses i have had. 
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